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Top tips on how to use body lotion

Our guide on how to use body lotion. With everything you need to know about body lotion, its benefits and the right body lotion for you.

Top tips on how to use body lotion

Just as we moisturise our face daily to keep our skin supple and hydrated, our bodies need a bit of moisturising TLC. The skin on our bodies is every bit as exposed to the elements as our faces. The sun, environmental factors, sweat, hot showers, central heating and cold snaps can all leave the skin dry and irritated. Moisturising skin regularly can help soothe prickly, uncomfortable, rough or bumpy skin. 

While it is a pretty simple step in your body care routine, how to use body lotion is a skill that elevates your post-shower body care routine. Read on to discover tricks on how to use body lotion for the best results that will leave you with silky soft, comforted skin. 

What is body lotion?

Before we get down to how to use body lotion, let's start with the basics and uncover “what is body lotion?”. Body lotion is moisturiser designed to use all over your body. In much the same way we moisturise our face every day, our body benefits from a daily dose of hydration. Body lotions tend to be richer than face moisturisers and are sometimes formulated to tackle specific issues, such as cellulite or toning. 

Body lotions can be rich creams, milks, light mousses or hydrating oils. They may have a thick formula that coats the body in a luxurious layer of moisture that dehydrated skin will drink up; lightweight textures are ideal for oilier types who still want that dose of moisture without the associated slippery feeling that sometimes comes with body lotion. 
What is body lotion?


  1. Regularly applying body lotion can help soften and soothe uncomfortable skin 
  2. It can also help minimise wrinkles, particularly in exposed areas such as your chest, and calm flare-ups or irritated patches
  3. Body lotion supports the skin barrier, the skin’s front line of defence against microbial invasion that can be stripped by cleansing. Nourishing ingredients in body lotions can restore the skin barrier’s natural defences and help keep the skin’s microbiome balanced and healthy.
  4. Many body lotions contain ingredients that help to target specific issues like dryness, loss of elasticity, cellulite, acne, eczema, and keratosis pilaris. 
  5. Body lotion feels great! Applying gorgeous smelling moisturising lotions post-bath or shower, especially those with natural essential oils such as NIVEA Oil in Lotion Rose & Argan Oil, can invigorate your body and mind. 
lady learning how to use body lotion

Body lotion: how to use


You’ve found a body moisturiser that suits the demands of your skin, but how to use body lotion?

You can apply body lotion as often as you like, but once a day is usually sufficient. When you apply it is more important than how often. A common mistake is to apply body lotion to dry skin - perhaps even topping it up every few hours - but this does not give you the best results. To get the most out of a body lotion, apply it after you get out of the shower or bath, when your skin is warm and damp (it shouldn’t be sopping wet either). Warm, moist skin is the perfect canvas for how to use body lotion, allowing the skin to draw the maximum benefit from your chosen moisturiser. 

Begin applying  to moist skin once a day, top to bottom once you’ve hung up your towel:

  1. Add a dollop (around a 10p coin size) to your hand (more if your skin is particularly dry or on rougher areas such as elbows and knees)
  2. Rub your palms together to warm up the lotion 
  3. Use your hands to massage the lotion into your body in small circular motions 
  4. Repeat until you have covered your entire body (don’t forget your neck!)
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Body lotion: how to use

How to use body lotion for specific areas

Parts of the body, such as your elbows, hands, knees and neck, are prone to dryness more than others and may demand extra attention. To help soothe and soften very dry areas, you might like to apply body lotion to those areas throughout the day as well as after your bath or shower. 

  • As you will likely be applying lotion to these targeted areas on dry, cool skin, try massaging the areas gently first to warm it up a little before applying the lotion. This will ensure the area absorbs the body lotion’s benefits.
  • You can use your usual body lotion on these areas, or perhaps opt for one that delivers a bigger hydration hit or absorbs quickly. Perhaps you like a scented all-over body lotion but prefer a neutral smell for top-ups. 
  • The iconic NIVEA Creme is perfect for spot-treating problem areas. Small enough to slip into a bag and rich in water retaining glycerin and skin-protecting Eucerit, its decades-long appeal is testament to its hydration-locking brilliance. 

Which body lotion is right for me?

It is not just about how to use body lotion, but which type you choose that will help you get maximum benefits from your moisturising routine. The type of body lotion that works for you depends on your skin’s type, your lifestyle and simply personal preference. Your choice of body lotion may be determined by a particular issue you may want to treat. You may decide to have more than one body lotion in your bathroom cabinet, perhaps a rich, indulgent cream for a post-evening bath and a fast-absorbing lotion for mornings. 

The seasons too can also impact your choice of moisturiser. During winter, the weather and central heating can increase skin’s sensitivity and make it extra thirsty, so you might want to swap your lightweight body lotion for a richer, more nourishing formula during the colder months and switch to a lighter textured lotion in the Summer.

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How to use body lotion: what do you want from a body lotion?

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How to use body lotion:


Perhaps you choose your body lotion for its smell - or lack of it. You may love the scent of nourishing, natural cocoa butter, such as NIVEA Naturally Good Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, or prefer an uplifting fruity fragrance like NIVEA Wild Raspberry & White Tea Body Mousse. For sensitive skin, fragrance-free is best. 
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How to use body lotion:


Perhaps the most essential criteria for your body lotion is hydration-at-speed. If you prefer a minimal body care routine and want to shower and go, opt for a moisturiser that absorbs quickly. NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion - great for normal and dry skin - sinks deep into the skin leaving your body beautifully soft all day, while its lightweight leaves you ready to go within minutes. For a complete fuss-free experience, NIVEA Nourishing In-Shower Body Moisturiser is applied while you shower making it perfect for anyone looking for soft, supple skin quickly and conveniently. 
woman learning how to use body lotion
How to use body lotion:


Slathering on sumptuous smelling body lotions fresh out of the bath or shower is one of life’s affordable luxuries. If you are in a position to carve out a bit of time to enjoy this little ritual, choosing a decadent-feeling body lotion that leaves the skin velvety soft can be a relaxing, mood-boosting end to the day or an uplifting start to one.
lady who knows how to use body lotion
How to use body lotion:


Some body lotions, such as the NIVEA Q10 Firming + Radiance Gradual Tan, are clever enough to do two things at once - in this case, giving you a golden, natural-looking glow with your moisturising routine.