Improve Your Skin Elasticity

As we get older a loss of elasticity in the skin is normal - but having more firm, supple skin is achievable and helps maintain a youthful glow. Lifestyle changes can make a big difference in how skin looks and feels.

Feel good in your skin – how to maintain skin elasticity

Simple tips and ideas to sustainably improve the elasticity in your skin and increase your overall well-being. Introducing a skin firming cream to your routine can also help things along.

Why does skin lose its elasticity over time?

As we age and we start to develop mature skin, the two main proteins associated with skin elasticity, collagen and elastin, come up against many contributing factors which causes them to break down. Resulting in the appearance of wrinkles, including eye wrinkles.


Like any other bodily function, skin elasticity deteriorates with age but the effects are accelerated by unhealthy habits such as smoking resulting in less firm skin.

Skin is an organ like any other organ or muscle in the body. Skin firming and the appearance of wrinkles can be influenced by lifestyle changes and eating habits. By making changes to your lifestyle you can improve elasticity in your skin for firmer skin and effectively delay the onset of wrinkles. 
firmer skin

Dare to bare with bright and healthy skin

Keep your skin well-hydrated and nourished in order to maintain its elasticity.

Firming lotions create a smooth and supple skin surface.
Daily indulgences for firmer skin

Apply firming cream or lotion for an after shower treat

Applying a firming lotion nourishes areas where it’s needed most to improve elasticity and leave your skin feeling firmer.
Daily indulgences for firmer skin

Massage your skin to reveal a smooth, flawless surface

Skin care is vital for skin firming so making a regular routine is crucial to achieve optimum results.

Use a hand massage tool to work at areas with cellulite. Breaking down the fat cells causing the breakout helps to remove the lumps in your skin and improve skin elasticity.
Daily indulgences for firmer skin

Brush away dead skin to reveal a new and glowing you

Incorporate body brushing into your daily routine after showering.

Brushing in a circular motion towards your heart helps to invigorate your body and speed up the process of renewing skin cells.

Remove the dead skin and let your new layer of skin show off your natural glow.
Daily indulgences for firmer skin

Scrub your pores to enhance your skin care experience

Use a scrub to clean out your pores allowing your firming lotion to reach the lower levels of skin faster. Find an exfoliating body scrub or go for a homemade scrub – rough sea salt is a great option. 

Beautifully smooth and firm skin while in the shower

Busy lifestyles leave little time to indulge your skin with much-needed nourishment. Using in-shower skincare products such as NIVEA In-Shower Body Moisturiser will care for your skin and allow you to get dressed and go without waiting for your skincare products to absorb.

Smooth and easy: NIVEA Q10 Body Lotion

NIVEA Q10 Firming Body Lotion makes skincare easy. Using the firming lotion on a regular basis helps to improve the elasticity of your skin.
Simply using a skin firming lotion on a daily basis can make significant changes to the firmness of your skin

Relaxing skin care products for smooth skin

The best tips for firming your skin

Firm skin is not just about the right skincare products, but also about your lifestyle habits such as eating well and exercising.

Firming your skin from the inside - improving skin elasticity

A healthy, balanced diet benefits your skin as much as your muscles and general health. By eating the right foods you can improve your skin’s elasticity without making too many changes to your lifestyle.

Fruits and vegetables offer many vitamins to increase the level of collagen in your body, which directly benefits your skin. The most beneficial vegetables for your skin are dark green leafy vegetables like kale. Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C these foods can help your body to utilise collagen effectively.

Omega acids found in oily fish and nuts can also help to boost the effect of collagen in your body. Including salmon, tuna, cashews and brazil nuts in your diet will help you to achieve the results you want.

Adding whole grain substance to your diet provides you with enough fibre to keep your body in tune. A healthy digestive system can remove all the impurities and use all the vitamins and proteins where needed improving the elasticity of your skin.

Combining this balanced diet with at least 2 litres of water a day will help to keep your skin well-hydrated, firm and with a healthy glow.
On the move: simple toning exercises for smooth skin

Tighten your upper arms with free weights

Incorporate the use of free weights whilst completing everyday activities. Short repetitions of bicep curls and other arm exercises can help to significantly tighten your skin around your arms. 
On the move: simple toning exercises for smooth skin

Take a run to improve your overall physical condition

Running is one of the best ways to Improve your cardio fitness. Being directly linked to your muscles, your skin will benefit from the boosted circulation and the direct loss of fat cells.
On the move: simple toning exercises for smooth skin

Tone your muscles to increase your metabolism

Toning your muscles with weights and exercise routines help to build muscle density and increase your metabolism, which in turn will improve your overall skin quality.
relaxation for skin elasticity

Relax – physical and emotional well-being also has huge impact on your skin.

Stress can have a negative impact on your well-being so take a well-earned rest with your friends and have an evening filled with skincare and girl talk.

Complete your break with a generous helping of firming lotion and an early night - consider a night cream too for beautiful skin when you wake.

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Get going – moving is the best way for toning your skin

Toning to improve skin elasticity doesn't have to be a burden on a busy schedule. Start making small changes to your routine by walking or cycling to work and taking the stairs instead of the lift.

Combining strength and toning exercises with cardio makes your body work harder on toning, making it easier to lose the unwanted impurities in your body.

Stay committed to improving your skin’s elasticity by alternating your exercise routine. By working muscles in various ways it keeps your body active and your mind focused on the goal of increasing your skin's elasticity.