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How to Tighten Loose & Saggy Skin

Tips to prevent excess skin and improve skin complexion.


Your skin is your best accessory, taking great care of it is extremely important. Everyone should be able to feel fully comfortable in their own skin. However, loose and saggy skin can occasionally become a cause of concern. What causes loose skin? And most importantly, how can you get rid of loose skin and tighten it? Read on to find out the answers to these questions, including additional tips & tricks to help tighten your skin.


Loose and saggy skin occurs when skin begins to lose elasticity as you age. When your skin starts maturing, your body experiences hormonal changes, and your ability to heal slows down. This causes a decline of Collagen in your skin, a protein that allows skin to ping back when stretched. When elasticity is lost, your skin has a hard time returning to its place which causes the skin to sag.

Excess skin on the face and body is common and it is something that everyone will likely experience. The most common causes of saggy skin are excess weight loss, aging, pregnancy and a lack of a proper skin care routine:

Excess Weight Loss

Putting in hard work to shift excess pounds can come with a frustrating side effect. Losing a lot of weight in a short period of time can cause loose and saggy skin. This is because carrying excess weight puts pressure on connective fibres that attach to the skin, causing them to stretch and lose elasticity. When the fibres and Collagen are damaged, the skin is unable to snap back to the body after the drop in excess weight. 


As the skin starts to mature, the production of Collagen and elastin fibres begin to slow down. Both of these proteins are essential for skin tightening and elasticity. Another effect of aging is that your body begins to produce less Hyaluronic Acid, which plays an important role in helping skin retain moisture and stay elastic. 


Loose skin is common for women after pregnancy. During pregnancy the skin stretches to approximately 19-22 inches at its largest. After the birth, your skin may not return back to its position immediately.

Lack Of Proper Skin Care

A lack of proper skin care can accelerate the aging process, likely causing it to sag. Environmental stressors such as overexposure to the sun or other pollutants are a prime example of what causes saggy skin. Looking to adopt some anti-aging skin care products into your daily routine would be a great start to keep your skin properly protected. 

If you’re wondering how elastic your skin is, try the “pinch test.” By pinching and holding an area for a few seconds and releasing it, you will be able to test if your skin still maintains good elasticity by checking to see if the skin flattens quickly. If the skin takes longer to ping back to its position, your skin likely has less elasticity.


Excess skin can develop almost anywhere on your body. The most common areas include: face, neck, arms, or around your stomach. Depending on what area, excess skin can cause irritations from loose parts rubbing against firm parts of your skin, and in some cases can lead to ulcers or even infections. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is highly recommended that you consult a doctor.
Fat and excess skin may share similar appearances. To differentiate the two, it is important to note that fat cannot be grabbed easily. If you are able to pinch your skin and pull it away from the body, you are most likely dealing with excess loose skin.



If you are able to pinch your skin and pull it away from the body, you are most likely dealing with excess loose skin.

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Depending on the cause of your skin becoming loose and saggy. The skin might be able to retract to its original position on its own over months or years. However possible ways of getting rid of loose skin include:
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Staying Fit
Minimise the visibility of sagging skin, by engaging in weight training after your weight loss, to replace lost fat with muscles. Your skin will have a hard time adjusting back to a smaller frame when carrying excess fat for a long time. By working out and staying fit, this helps tighten your skin and build a healthier body. 

Losing Weight
Underlying fat can make skin appear much looser than it is. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet whilst exercising to ensure that you are losing weight will help make your skin appear firmer and tighter.

Massages can improve blood flow and increase the production of Collagen. By massaging the areas of saggy skin, this can improve circulation to the area which in turn can help to tighten saggy skin.

Skin Tightening Creams
Skin tightening creams which contain ingredients that boost levels of Collagen and elastin can be highly effective in tightening loose skin. Collagen binds your skin together more tightly which reduces sagging skin. Elastin will allow your body to stretch out or back to its original position.

Other possible solutions of getting rid of loose and saggy skin include taking supplements or opting for cosmetic procedures. However, it is best to consult with a doctor first before deciding on proceeding with either of these solutions.


To help tighten up loose and saggy skin, look to adopt some of the following tips into your daily routine:
1. Hot & Cold Showers
Switch between hot and cold showers to encourage your blood circulation. Cold water actually closes pores, which tightens your skin.

2. Make it a habit to wear sunscreen
Ultraviolet light from the sun breaks down Collagen, so it is important to wear sunscreen daily. The NIVEA UV Face Q10 Anti-Age Sun Cream SPF 50 can effectively protect your skin from sun damage whilst also preventing appearances from wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Keep on moving
Stay on the go. Look to take regular walks daily and incorporate any form of physical activity into your daily routine.

4. Stay Healthy
Maintain a balanced diet and look at incorporating more calcium into your diet. Calcium strengthens the connective tissue, so bear in mind the high levels of calcium you can get from plenty of mineral water, or eating yoghurt and cheese. Also try to avoid sugar!

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To prevent loose skin on your face, make sure you are taking good care of it. Looking to adopt skincare products that utilise ingredients that are scientifically proven to be beneficial for anti-aging can help tighten your skin, including:

1. Bakuchiol which has been proven to promote Collagen formation.

2. Antioxidants (Like Coenzyme Q10) which repairs the skin from visible damage. Antioxidants like Vitamin C can reverse inflammation causing damage to the Collagen in your skin.

3. Hyaluronic Acid which is used to reduce wrinkles on your skin and improve your skin’s elasticity.

4. Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid which can deeply cleanse and help make your skin look more firm

Can Collagen reverse sagging skin?

Increasing and maintaining Collagen production in our body, as we mature, can help reverse sagging skin. The most effective solution to tightening saggy skin is to focus on preventing the damage, by using products that utilise anti-aging ingredients to prevent skin damage and boost the production of Collagen in your skin.


This includes ingredients like Q10, Vitamin C and Bakuchiol, both key ingredients in stimulating the production of Collagen. 


NIVEA has a range of anti-aging skin care products that utilise the finest ingredients that can help prevent further damage and tighten up your facial skin. Ensuring you have a proper skin care routine during your early twenties can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles from appearing once your skin has become more mature. 

From our enriching Q10 formula to our vegan-formulated and highly efficacious Bakuchiol products. NIVEA’s anti-aging skin care products act as a solution for your concerns of loose and excess skin.
How To Stop Sagging Skin With NIVEA: Tightening Skin For All Ages

Looking to prevent wrinkles and fine lines?

Offering your facial complexion a healthier glow, the Q10 Energy Day Cream SPF15 acts as a moisturiser that reduces first signs of aging and improves skin’s firmness. Enriched with 3 anti-oxidant ingredients (Q10, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E), the Q10 Energy Day Cream alleviates signs of fatigue allowing you to instantly tackle your days with a burst of refreshed energy and smoother skin complexion. 


How To Stop Sagging Skin With NIVEA: Tightening Skin For All Ages

Starting to notice signs of aging?

The Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Power Firming Day Cream SPF15 helps replenishes your skin with energy and protects your skin from external aggressors. The Dual Action Pure Q10 can firm skin and reduce wrinkles on your facial complexion within 7 days. This product is extremely effective on forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, cheek and mouth areas and will leave your skin feeling more nourished and smooth within 24 hours of application.

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How To Stop Sagging Skin With NIVEA: Tightening Skin For All Ages

Already have mature skin?

The Q10 Anti-Wrinkle 60+ Replenishing Day Cream SPF 15 has been specifically formulated for 60+ skin. Enriched with Argan Oil which provides 24 hours of intense hydration and visibly reduces and prevents wrinkles from appearing. The pure dual action Q10 helps strengthen skin barrier and provides a tightened skin complexion within 14 days of application.



How To Stop Sagging Skin With NIVEA: Tightening Skin For All Ages

Finding an effective and Innovative formula?

The Cellular Expert Lift Pure Bakuchiol Anti-Age Day Cream SPF 30 was formulated for sensitive skin to redefine facial contours and boost Collagen production in your skin. Its vegan formula provides 48 hours of intense hydration and care for your face. From reducing deep wrinkles to tightening overall skin complexion, this day cream utilises Macro & Micro Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate your skin. 

How To Stop Sagging Skin With NIVEA: Tightening Skin For All Ages

What about your body?

The Q10 Firming Body Lotion 400ML is an anti-aging moisturising lotion specifically designed to soothe your skin and provide 48 hours of long-lasting moisture. Enriched with Vitamin C which helps firm and nourish your skin, this body lotion leaves your skin feeling energised and fully hydrated. 

Explore more anti-aging skin tightening NIVEA products below, including a range of moisturisers, serums and oils formulated with the ingredients needed to stop sagging skin.