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Values & Commitments

Our Values & Commitments

At NIVEA, we want to share with you our core values and the commitments we’re dedicated to achieving so you can be on this journey with us. We’re proud of our NIVEA brand values and excited about the huge goals we’ve set ourselves to further reduce our environmental impact and better the world around us.

We love the fact that our products touch lives everywhere around the world, and we are aware of the responsibility that comes with it. This awareness is at the core of everything we do, driving our beliefs and our values. Discover all the in-depth information and facts about NIVEA skincare and how we honour our commitments. 

Values at the heart of NIVEA

Our core values stem from our sustainability commitments, to ultimately protect the environment and the humans and animals in the world that we call our home. Everyone who works towards creating our beloved skincare at NIVEA helps to care for the lives of everyone on our planet - and also contributes to our efforts to protect our planet from climate change. 

We have implemented long-term social projects in which we have reached and improved the lives of a million families around the world, in over 50 countries. We’ve also taken part in volunteering initiatives to plant trees around the world. Little by little, we chip away at our environmental footprint! 

Sustainability commitments

One of our core brand values at NIVEA is that we care for and respect our planet. We continuously research better, more sustainable ways to formulate and produce our skincare and have done so for many decades. As one of the longest-standing skincare brands, we use our wealth of experience and expertise to promote sustainability in our industry. Just one example of this is our commitment to reducing plastic consumption - our new Naturally Good Body product has 50% less plastic, and you can even roll the bottle up to get every last drop. 

Waste reduction and sustainable sourcing and production are all at the forefront of our sustainability goals. Our sustainability commitments are all within a dedicated recourse hub to be transparent with our ambitious goals to protect the environment.

Learn more about NIVEA’s sustainability commitments.

Cruelty-free Skincare

At NIVEA, we respect and love nature – from the natural functions of our skin to all of the planet’s creatures. Animal tests have been banned for cosmetic products in the EU since 2004 and for all of the ingredients in these products since 2013.

Naturally, at NIVEA we have complied with these bans, and we have long since actively avoided animal testing worldwide, wherever it has been legal to do so.

Ethical skincare

Producing ethically sourced skincare products is at the heart of NIVEA’s core values. We are determined to strive for better alternatives to unethical practices and ingredients. Such as Beiersdorf, our parent company, has cooperated on highly-advanced research, which has included work on ‘organ-on-a-chip’ technologies. These technologies allow us to accurately review the potential effects that our products will have on our skin. 

In every step of the journey to make NIVEA products, we make sure we try to do it the most sustainable and ethical way.

Vegan skincare


We’re continuously seeing the benefits of vegan skincare. It is beneficial for both the environment and animal welfare, and we’re seeing the advantages of using natural and organic ingredients for your skin as well.


We already have skincare products which contain vegan formulas, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve got exciting new vegan skincare products coming out in the near future.

NIVEA’s ingredients

People around the world trust NIVEA products – and we do everything to keep that trust. Our philosophy can be summed up in two words: NIVEA cares.



We care for the health and safety of your skin. That’s why every ingredient we select for our products must meet safety criteria that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Our skincare formulas are composed to protect and enhance your skin’s natural functions. And our ambition is to include only the minimum number of ingredients required to serve this cause.



Discover more about our ingredients.

Code of Conduct at NIVEA

As a global brand, NIVEA works with local suppliers around the world. To make sure that every aspect of our supply chain and production is in line with our values, we created a code of conduct that serves as a guideline for all our suppliers. Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Conventions of the International Labor Organization, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, our code of conduct sets ethical and sustainability standards for our suppliers.


Before we agree to work with a supplier, they have to commit to our code of conduct. That’s the first step. We also have a screening, auditing and support system in place to help our suppliers meet our NIVEA standards and check that they do. This includes collaboration platforms that allow suppliers to share best practices and work with us to make our procurement more sustainable.