How to prevent sweating

Lifestyle and product tips for excessive sweating

Sweating is essential for the body – but excessive sweating can leave you feeling uncomfortable. Here’s how to reduce sweating and the odours that come with sweating.

When and why do we sweat?

Sweating or perspiring is the body’s natural response to excessive temperatures, exercise, intense emotion and certain illnesses.

Natural air conditioning

Sometimes we need a bit of sweat to help cool our bodies down. In fact, sweating is the body’s natural way of turning down the temperature.

What is the science behind sweating?

It is normal to sweat more in situations where we feel emotion, such as sweaty palms in a job interview or when hormones are involved, for example during the menopause.

As sweating is the body’s natural thermostat, it is no surprise that we break a sweat when exercising or when we are in a warm climate.

But what exactly is sweating? When the body notices changes in temperature or temperament, it awakens the eccrine sweat glands. To regulate the body’s temperature, these glands release water and salt as a natural cooling mechanism. 

It is not the eccrine glands or the water and salt that are responsible for the odours linked with sweating. Instead, it is the naturally occurring bacteria on the skin that eat up the sweat produced by the apocrine sweat glands.

How to reduce sweating

Lifestyle choices play a big part in our skin and how much we sweat. Skincare like shaving and special antiperspirants can help, too.

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A clean shave

Alongside antiperspirant, one way to stay fresh for longer is to keep underarm and body hair short by shaving regularly. This prevents bacteria from attaching to the follicles, eating up the sweat and releasing odours.

How to stop sweating - Products that deal with sweat

While personal hygiene doesn’t stop sweating, a good shower can wash away any sweat, leaving you refreshed and more comfortable in your own skin.  

Washing regularly with cleansing shower gels such as NIVEA Creme Sensitive help to clear the sweat glands and prevent build up in the pores.

One of the main don’ts for skin prone to sweating is oily skincare products. Leave oil-based products and moisturisers for people with dry, sensitive skin. Light moisturisers such as NIVEA Express Hydration Lotion are specially formulated to replenish the skin’s natural moisture level – leaving you with soft, smooth skin.
Instead, stock up on strong antiperspirants containing aluminium salts. These can be used on the hands, underarms, back and other problem areas. 

Don’t forget to apply your antiperspirant regularly and choose one that suits your situation. NIVEA Dry Confidence Roll On is great for controlling sweat when you are working out, for example.

Pack talcum powder, cloth handkerchiefs and hand sanitisers in your bag to help keep your skin fresh and dry while you are on the go.