Visit Your Own Bubble Bath Spa – In Your Bathroom

With just a few tricks, a few bath products like bath gel, bath soaps and bubblebath, you can create your own relaxing spa retreat in your bathroom.

Better bath time: enrich your bathing
experience with these tools

Your sanctuary of well-being away from everyday life

  • After a long day, there is sometimes nothing nicer than relaxing in a bath – but the atmosphere has to be right. 
  • To ensure your bathroom becomes your own little oasis of well-being arrange candles around the room – so that there is an atmospheric glow. 
  • Choose some classical music or compile a playlist of ballads – anything that makes you relax is just the thing. 
  • But don’t just step right into the warm water – no, you need to add a wonderful bath essence: choose NIVEA Harmony Time Cream Bath or Relaxing Moments Cream Bath – a pleasure for the senses.
  • Want to indulge more and really pamper yourself and your skin properly in the bath? Then NIVEA Beauty Oil Bath is ideal for intensively pampering your skin. 
  • What else do you need for a relaxing evening? Yes, exactly. A good book.
A Good Book

A book takes you into a different world. Your normal life can just drift away

The right book for relaxing is a book with a positive mood. Humour? Yes! Love? Oh, yes! Thriller? Perhaps, but not too scary! At the end of the day, all you want to do is lean back, relax and leave all of the stresses of the day behind you.

Your own bathroom – an oasis of well-being

In order to really enjoy well-being and relaxation, you need peace and time. Slow your day down. Switch off your mobile and take your oasis of well-being home. Before taking a bath, fill the tub with wonderful warm water and select your favourite pampering products and relaxing music – and your private spa is ready.

Your favourite music for the best time of the day

Music makes a strong impression on our consciousness. Relaxing sounds noticeably decrease our stress levels and help us to rest. Take advantage of the soothing effect of instrumental music or classical pieces such as “Vltava” or “The Brandenburg Concertos”. Gentle natural sounds such as “By the Sea” by Arnd Stein help you to find your inner equilibrium. Let yourself go with the music and reenergise yourself for new challenges.
moisturising mask

After your bath: time for relaxing
pampering rituals

Not only you but also your skin needs time to relax after a long day. Help it recover with a moisturising mask such as the Refreshing Moisture Mask after your bath. Then your NIVEA Moisturising Day Care will have a revitalising effect – and you will feel good again in your skin.
A spa in your own bathroom

A spa in your own bathroom – and it’s even better with your best friend

Enjoy a spa evening together with your best friends, talk about your day and laugh out loud together. Let your stress simply slip away from you – and your skin.