Apply deodorant is an effective means of tackling bad body odour

How to Stop Armpit Smell

We explain what causes body odour and reveal how you can get to grips with smelly pits

How to Stop Body Odour

Having to contend with smelly pits can be, well, the pits.

Happily, we’re on hand to provide you with our top tips on how to get your body odour under control. Your perspiration need no longer cause such consternation once you know how to fight back!

Why do my Armpits Smell?

Let’s dive into what causes the pungent underarm smell with which we are all, unfortunately, all-too-familiar.

Sweat is produced by our eccrine glands, which are found over most of our bodies, and our apocrine glands, which are found in our hairy areas - namely our armpits, scalp and groin. 

Contrary to what you might think, the fluids released by these sweat glands are actually odourless; the unfortunate odour associated with sweat is not caused by sweat, per se, but rather by sweat interacting with bacteria that is naturally present on our skin. The bacteria break down the sweat into odorous fatty acids which they then consume, producing the unpleasant smell that accompanies sweating.

Sweating is a natural response to hot weather and elevated body temperature: when sweat evaporates from the surface of our skin, it produces a cooling effect. Stressful situations, moisture-trapping clothes and certain medical conditions, e.g. diabetes and hyperthyroidism, can also increase the rate at which your body produces sweat.

How to Get Rid of Armpit Smell

The good news is that there is no shortage of things that you can do to combat this malodorous menace.

Maintaining good personal hygiene is essential. 
We recommend that you take a shower or bath at least once a day and wear clothes that are clean, comfortable and light-coloured. Loose-fitting garments will allow for sufficient airflow around your body, which will help reduce the amount that your body sweats. 

Check out our extensive deodorant range to get your underarm smell in check. Apply deodorant at night as well as in the morning for best results.

Shaving/trimming your armpits can reduce your body odour.
Our underarm hair traps the moisture on our skin, giving bacteria more time to produce the bad smells that you want to avoid. Shaving your armpit hair can help maximise the effectiveness of the antiperspirants that you use.

We recommend that you read our guide to shaving your underarm hair for advice on how to go about this in a safe, thorough manner.
Stay hydrated.
Ensuring that you are sufficiently hydrated is an easy way to avoid excessive perspiration. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruit and vegetables throughout the day.

Changes that you make to your diet can also keep your body odour to a minimum. 
You might want to think twice when eating spicy foods, because your body responds to spicy food in much the same way that it does hot weather, i.e. by sweating in order to cool you down. 

You should also limit your caffeine consumption: caffeine triggers your adrenal glands, which can make you sweat more.

Keep it CCC: cool, calm & collected.
High levels of stress, and getting stressed about your sweating, will only make your sweating woes worse.

We recommend practising breathing exercises and exploring mindfulness as a means of keeping your stress at a manageable level.

Whilst exercise will cause you to sweat, it is a brilliant stress-busting activity that can help you sleep better, lift your mood and reduce anxiety.