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Learn how to get stubble

Everything you need to know about men’s stubble, how to shape it, care for it and how to keep it as its best

Grow facial stubble

Let’s face it. There are many ways to wear your facial hair. Some of us like a slick, cleanly shaven face, whereas some crave that 5 o’clock shadow. Others want to know how to maintain stubble or how to trim a 3-day beard.
If you are considering the 3-day stubble beard but aren't sure it's the look for you, don’t worry. NIVEA Men is here to help you decide and give advice on how to get stubble whilst ensuring that your skin is well looked after.

The What, Why and…How to get stubble

Avoid shaving, stubble rash and get those stubble styles on point.

The benefits of having a little facial hair stretch far beyond just appearances. Historically, if your skin reacts harshly to razor blade shaving, or you are prone to sensitive skin, then choosing to shave less often (and more gently when you do) might result in opting for a stubble beard.

By swapping the razor altogether for a stubble trimmer, there's a good chance that both razor burn and painful ingrown hairs will become a thing of the past.

A well-maintained stubble beard can also make your face look more symmetrical and provide some coverage for facial imperfections.

man with stubble

Keep it clean

Leaving a clean-shaven face behind doesn't mean ignoring your skincare when you’re considering how to get stubble. 


Stubble rash and flaky skin under the stubble can still occur. That’s why after using a beard trimmer NIVEA recommends applying NIVEA MEN SENSITIVE PRO Ultra-Calming Facial Balm to soothe the skin. By treating your skin with calming hemp and Vitamin E, once you've got your new stubble design down, you'll take the way it feels to another level.


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Men’s stubble:

The 3-day beard

If stubble is tempting you, the 3-day stubble beard is one of the iconic male stubble designs. 
man with stubble
man with stubble
Stubble isn’t for everyone, so for more facial hair ideas like beard growth, head to our how to grow a beard guide.
If you do choose stubble, growing a 3-day beard allows you to try your new style over the weekend, away from work colleagues in your own space. You could start on Friday and if by Sunday it’s not for you, bring back the razor.

No matter the length, stubble requires maintenance too. Make sure to moisturise underneath your beard with a good NIVEA MEN moisturiser, to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out underneath.
Plus, it always looks great to have a clean 3-day beard, so finding a male stubble design you like, trimming and touch-ups, or simply plucking out loose hairs could help you look clean and fresh.

How to get stubble?

Stubble is pretty simple – avoid shaving for 3 days or more and you should see a good length, depending on the speed of your facial hair growth. After a few days, you should have between 2 and 3 mm in beard length, which will give you that rugged, stylish look.
The 3-day beard can be especially flattering for more angular faces leading to a slim, more rounded profile.
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Keep it tidy

On your journey of how to get stubble, you'll want to use your beard trimmer every few days to keep your stubble the same length. If you're the type to get a 5 o'clock shadow you'll have to use it more often as that indicates faster beard growth and requires a little more love.

Select a guard for your trimmer, again between 2 - 3 mm and run the clippers over your face and neck. You'll want to remove the guard to clean up the edges such as the lips, below the nose and your neckline being careful to cut off any fly-aways.

If stubble grows high up your cheeks and far down your neck, you'll want to define the neckline/cheeks a little more. Avoid shaping stubble into sharp, straight lines to keep the natural stubble look.
Now you can sit back with a clean and fresh look.



Yes, you have a bit of a beard going, but just like a shaven face, it is at its best when kept clean. To keep it looking fresh, simply lather up your stubble with NIVEA MEN SENSITIVE PRO MENMALIST FACE & BEARD WASH and apply a intensive moisturising cream after drying to rehydrate skin and relieve beard itch by softening up your whiskers.

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