Updated 11/05/20

As lockdown continues, we want to carry on helping the most vulnerable in society – and not just as a company, but as individuals too. So, while we’ve donated to local charities and sent our products to frontline workers, our employees felt very strongly that they personally wanted to do their bit, locally and on a global scale. And we wanted to support their incredible generosity, which is why we’ve pledged to match their donations to two amazing global charities. Both these charities are working to support and protect some of the most vulnerable people around the world with targeted and immediate relief, as well as fighting against the mid-term consequences of the pandemic:

Unicef is continuing its efforts to make sure children are fed, clean and protected and that they keep up with their education. Its people are out there, providing medical supplies such as protective gowns and breathing masks, and educating children and their families on how to avoid infection.

Médecins Sans Frontières – often known as Doctors without Borders – is providing essential aid to those affected in over 70 countries worldwide. They’re focussed on protecting the most vulnerable people: refugees, the homeless, the elderly and those that live in conflict zones, especially in those areas with fragile health systems. They have been working flat out to set up waiting areas for suspected cases in refugee camps, isolation wards in hospitals and stand-alone clinics.

Both these extraordinary causes are doing incredible work and we are so proud that our employees are supporting them. All donations made until May 21st will be doubled and the charities will direct the funds to where they are most needed globally.

Meanwhile, we like everyone, continue to be awestruck by the selfless acts of generosity and kindness taking place everywhere. So, if you see or experience something that melts your heart – please do continue to share them with us using #Sharethecare