Choosing Deodorant For Sensitive Skin

Dry, sensitive skin needs extra care to stay smooth and soft. Find out what to look for in a deodorant and discover skincare tips to help keep armpit rash and redness at bay.

Looking below the surface - Deodorant for sensitive skin

We look into what causes sensitive skin and armpit rashes and explain how your wardrobe and lifestyle choices can affect delicate skin.

Do’s and don’ts for sensitive skin

  • Moisturise regularly with a cream like NIVEA Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser 
  • Avoid products with harsh ingredients that can dry out the skin.
  • Wear loose, breathable clothing.
  • Wash your clothes with laundry detergent for sensitive skin.


  • Use harsh formulas and cleansers, as they can cause armpit rashes.
  • Shave without sensitive shaving foam. If your skin gets too sensitive when you shave, you may want to consider waxing or sugaring.

Beautiful words

“Beauty to me means being comfortable with yourself.” Iskra Lawrence
What aggravates sensitive skin?

Tight clothes

Some women love wearing figure-hugging clothes like bodycon dresses. While you should try to match your style to your personality, certain fabrics and tight clothes can irritate already sensitive skin. Natural fibres like bamboo let your skin breathe without compromising a good fit.
What aggravates sensitive skin?


For people who have sensitive skin, even day-to-day events like sweating can make them come out in a rash or cause red patches. Fortunately, NIVEA Protect & Care Deodorant Stick has a gentle, caring, 0% alcohol formula with a skin tolerance that has been dermatologically proven.

What aggravates sensitive skin?

Shaving regularly

For some women, shaving can be a difficult experience. If you have more sensitive skin, removing hair and inevitably, some of the top layer of skin, are enough to make the area flaky or bumpy. Using high quality razor blades and taking it gently can make a big difference.

What aggravates sensitive skin?

Your environment

The weather and water where you live can have an impact on your skin.

Did you know that hard water - with its high levels of magnesium and calcium - can be more difficult for some types of skin to tolerate?

What to look for in a deodorant for sensitive skin

The skin protects your body from the environment around it. To function properly, your skin needs the best care, both inside and out.

Delicate scent

When your skin is feeling particularly sensitive or becoming red and flaky, there is nothing more comforting than the scent inspired by NIVEA Creme.

The formula in each of the NIVEA Protect & Care antiperspirants and deodorants for sensitive skin is infused with a touch of the now famous fresh and floral scent.

Every woman knows that feeling good on the outside helps you to feel good on the inside, too.

The beautiful smell is feminine, friendly and comforting. It takes a lot of women straight back to bedtimes as a child when their mother would massage in some NIVEA Creme from the big blue tin as part of their night-time routine.

Skincare for sensitive skin

NIVEA Protect & Care Deodorant Stick has a mild formula to help sensitive underarms stay silky soft and smooth to avoid itchy armpits. The caring ingredients make it a must-have antiperspirant for even the most sensitive skin. Thanks to the convenient format, it is the perfect skincare for on the go.