The Best Fragrance For You - The 4 Types Of Fragrances

Did you know? The delicate fragrance of NIVEA Creme takes us back to our childhood and a summer’s day appears in our mind’s eye when we smell sun cream. Scents influence our feelings and memories.

NIVEA fragrance: the fragrance for life

The original fragrance of NIVEA Creme has hardly been changed over the years and continues to consist of many different components. Discover the three scents that make up the famous NIVEA fragrance.

NIVEA fragrance: the fragrance for life

The Head Note: 

The head note determines the first impression of the fragrance from the moment the lid is removed and in the first few minutes afterwards. The citrus notes of orange, lemon and bergamot are the most prominent here.

The Heart Note: 

After approximately ten minutes, the flowery heart note is perceptible: this is where rose, lilac, lavender and lily-of-the-valley set the tone.

The Base Note: 

Finally the base note can be detected in a discreet combination of musk, heliotrope and amber.


This is what NIVEA smells like

Our world is full of scents. Our noses can distinguish between over 1 billion different fragrances. Fragrances do us good – not only our noses benefit but also our bodies and souls. This is why we have developed care products for you with lots of valuable scents. Discover the sensuous fragrances by NIVEA.

The fragrance of the South

Flowery, fruity and sweet – the smell of the blossoms of the orange tree. Be inspired by the delicate scent of orange blossom and turn your time in the shower into a real experience for all the senses with Happy Time Cream Shower followed by Body Lotion Happy Time from NIVEA.


Sweet temptation

Bitter sweet. Seductive. That’s what cocoa smells like. The sensual aroma and active ingredient cocoa butter make rubbing in In-Shower Body Lotion Cocoa & Milk from NIVEA an extremely pleasant experience – giving you beautiful, radiant and supple skin all day long.
Milk and Honey

A bath of milk and honey

Even Cleopatra was famous for her milk and honey baths. She certainly appreciated the delightfully sweet fragrance of the honey. And you too can take this in the shower with you. Nurture your mind and body with NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion with Honey & Milk.

Refreshment for the senses

We are familiar with lemon grass as a spice from Asian cuisine. When blanched in water, it can also be used to make a refreshing tea. Take the wonderful fragrance of lemon grass with you into the bathroom. Lemongrass & Oil Shower Gel from NIVEA revitalises your senses.

The queen of the blossoms

The blossoms of the orchid plant are a simply beautiful sight. And their delicate fragrance is in no way inferior to their appearance. Cashmere Moments Cream Oil Shower with orchid blossom fragrance ensures velvety-soft, nurtured skin.
Sea Air

A journey to the sea

If you’ve just come back from a trip to the seaside, the smell of sea air stays in your memory long afterwards. Why not bring the cool refreshment of a seaside breeze into your own home? NIVEA Pure Fresh Shower Gel with sea minerals makes your skin feel like it has just

The scent of women

The fragrance of the calla lily represents strength, elegance and femininity. The plant originally comes from Africa. We have captured the premium scent of the calla lily for you in a glamorous bathing experience with NIVEA Diamond Moments Cream Bath.
Frangipani Flower

The scent of the tropics

The scent of the Plumeria plant reminds us of summer, sunshine and relaxation, and exudes a touch of the exotic. Bring the Caribbean home with you with NIVEA Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel. Oil pearls refresh and nurture skin.
Water Lily

Floating beauties

The scent of the water lily enchants the senses. Its white blossom is so beautiful that numerous legends surround it. Discover the sensual fragrance of the water lily: NIVEA Water Lily & Oil Shower Gel transforms into velvety-soft foam which visibly nurtures the skin.

Magical blossoms

The magnolia blooms in Europe mainly in April and May. Its blossoms smell creamy and sweet, with a hint of citrus. Nurturing Supreme Touch Cream Oil Shower from NIVEA gives your skin an intense nurtured feeling and pampers you with magnolia fragrance.

The best way to a person’s heart is through their nose

Sensual, warm, soft and harmonious: the scent of the rose. Its essential oil has an aphrodisiac and anti-septic effect. Enjoy some time out with Harmony Time Cream Bath. Let yourself be swept away to another world by the fragrance of white rose petals.

The scent of Provence

Aromatic scented lavender bushes grow best in sunny regions. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks used it in their baths. Relax with an evening bath, for example with NIVEA Goodbye Stress Cream Bath.

Red beauty

We are most familiar with hibiscus from ornamental gardens. It has a pleasant, light and flowery smell. Pamper your skin in the bath with Relaxing Moments Cream Bath from NIVEA. The exotic hibiscus fragrance revitalises your senses.
Green Tea
Diverse fragrances by NIVEA

Aroma of the Far East

Green tea is grown at high altitude in China and Japan and is well-known for its healing effect. The scent of the tea is subtle, delicate and clear. The nurturing formula of NIVEA Green Tea & Cucumber Care Soap cleans gently and pampers your skin.

Choosing the best fragrance for you

Choosing a fragrance not only expresses your mood and personality but also influences how you want to be seen by the people around you. Here you will find inspiration as to which NIVEA fragrance might suit you best.

The romantic

Emotional and sensitive – these are the characteristics of the romantic. Love long walks in the countryside? Then flowery scents and notes such as magnolia or orchid will emphasise your personality particularly well. Choose Supreme Touch Cream Oil Shower with its delicate scent of magnolia. Or create a feel-good moment with Cashmere Moments Cream Oil Shower with its sensuous fragrance of orchid.
Romantic candles

The elegant style icon

Stylistically confident and graceful – that’s how you are described by your friends. Is a dramatic entrance important to you? Powdery flowery scents such as rose or lily will be just right for you. The fragrance of calla lily and the Diamond Moments Cream Bath by NIVEA will create a glamorous bathing experience. The Harmony Time Cream Bath leaves a delicate fragrance of rose on your skin.

The temptress

Sensuous, alluring and charming. Is that how you see yourself? Ambery fragrant notes like patchouli or cocoa emphasise your sensuality and seductive nature. The fragrance in In-Shower Body Lotion Cocoa & Milk or NIVEA In-Shower Body Milk will suit you. Or emphasise your character with Cashmere Moments Cream Oil Shower. With its cashmere extract, it moisturises and envelops you in the sensuous fragrance of orchid.

The sports star

Are you easy-going, modern and straightforward? The sporty woman exudes naturalness and action. Her character is expressed in fresh and fruity scents such as aromas of citrus and aquatic essences. Grab hold of Pure Fresh Shower Gel by NIVEA and indulge yourself in the fragrance of the freshness of the ocean. Something else that is perfect for you: the Happy Time series with its refreshing and fruity fragrance of bamboo and orange blossom.