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Face Wipes for Oily Skin

Having oily skin can cause you to feel greasy and look shiny. Read on to discover how to treat oily skin with face wipes.

face wipes for oily skin

Cleansing oily skin with face wipes

We know that it is not always practical to go through your full face cleansing routine. Sometimes life just gets in the way and saps us of the required time and energy to fully wash, cleanse and tone our face. Cleansing your face though is such an important part of any skincare or beauty routine as throughout the day our skin collects dirt, pollutants and excess sebum - in particular for those of us with oily skin. Face cleansing therefore, should not be avoided.

Luckily this is where NIVEA face wipes for oily skin are your best friend. They offer a quick and easy solution to wipe away makeup, impurities and excess sebum in times of need.

face wipes for oily skin

What contributes to oily skin?

Oily skin is essentially caused by overproduction of sebum - skin's natural oil. Sebum is produced in the sebaceous glands and although is natural and healthy, excess amounts can lead to clogged pores which increase the likelihood of spots or acne appearing. A few factors that contribute to oily skin include:

  1. Washing your face too much - scrubbing your skin too hard or too often can strip away the skin's moisture, causing it to produce more sebum to compensate
  2. Genetics - unfortunately something that is out of our control, some people are naturally disposed to have more oily skin
  3. Weather - again something we cannot control, hot and humid weather is more likely to cause excess sebum secretion
  4. Hormones - particularly during fluctuations around puberty, menopause, menstruation and pregnancy skin is likely to become more oily
  5. Diet - something we can control to help treat oily skin is what we eat, having a healthy and well balanced diet can help reduce oily skin

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how to treat oily skin

NIVEA face wipes for oily skin

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how to treat oily skin

How to treat oily skin on-the-go with face wipes

If you've ever wondered how to treat oily skin during the day, face wipes may be the answer. Face wipes are a fantastic way to quickly and easily remove any impurities or excess sebum from the face, without the need to get it wet or go through the whole process of washing, cleansing and toning. Using face wipes for oily skin are a great way to freshen up on-the-go, when you are feeling grimy or greasy but do not have access to full washing facilities - besides, who wants to carry face wash, cleanser AND toner in their bag? It is much more convenient to carry a small pouch of face wipes to give yourself a quick refresh. So next time you plan to go out socialising directly from work, keep a pack of NIVEA face wipes to hand, to give yourself that refreshing boost as you leave the office for the day.

Oily skin can leave our skin feeling greasy and looking shiny. Finding the best face wipes for oily skin and best cleanser for oily skin is a great help when it comes to being able to quickly and effectively cleanse your face, wipe away excess sebum and remove makeup on-the-go.

biodegradable face wipes

how to treat oily skin

nivea biodegradable cleansing wipes

These biodegradable face wipes are suitable for all skin types, including oily skin. One of the special ingredients these face wipes contain that make them particularly good for oily skin is Organic Argan Oil. Argan Oil is able to help regulate the production of sebum which can further help reduce the likelihood of breakouts or acne. As well as this, Argan Oil is especially nourishing for skin, with anti-ageing capabilities, and can help to effectively remove makeup. These face wipes also contain Organic Aloe Vera which has a soothing effect on skin, helping to thoroughly cleanse oily skin without causing irritation. Along with the benefits to skin, they are also made from 100% renewable plant fibers, meaning they are kind to the planet as well as your skin.

Disposing of your face wipes

It is always important to remember, no matter if you are using plastic free wipes or traditional wipes, to dispose of them properly. This means never ever flushing them as doing so can cause environmental damage. Instead all face wipes should always be disposed of in the bin. The plastic container packaging is also usually recyclable, so make sure to recycle it - or up-cycle if you are feeling creative.