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What Is BB Cream?

With all the moisturisers, creams and makeup on the market it's hard to know which you should be using and what they all do. We're going to explain what BB creams and CC creams are, and help you to decide whether they're something that might benefit you


Why use BB cream?

The 'BB' in BB cream stands for 'beauty balm'. It is a cream that contains slightly more coverage than a regular tinted moisturiser and, depending on the product, contains other ingredients such as priming properties, sun protection, and anti-aging properties. Many people choose to use BB creams as an alternative to foundation makeup, as it provides much lighter coverage than a regular foundation but also helps if you have blotchy skin you'd like to conceal.

Uses of BB cream include:

  • Colour correction
  • Light moisturising
  • Sun protection
  • Light makeup coverage 

When to use BB cream

Due to BB creams light coverage qualities, it can be the perfect makeup staple:

- When travelling: BB creams have many purposes ranging from sun protection, coverage, and moisturising so when you want to pack lightly it will be the perfect solution


- When in a hurry: when you don't have time to apply your primer, moisturiser, powder, etc, BB cream works perfectly to give you that put-together look in a hurry


- When you want to look more natural: due to BB creams' light formula, it appears much more natural than regular foundation, which is especially handy in the summer when you're out enjoying the weather and want to nail that no makeup, makeup look


- When giving your skin a break from foundation: foundation can be very heavy on the skin and is known to clog pores causing spots, so using BB cream gives your skin a break while still providing you with coverage


- To help reduce facial redness: BB creams are available in a range of tones, so finding one that contains green tones can even out skin tone and neutralise facial redness


As we know, BB cream is a 'beauty balm'. CC cream, on the other hand, stands for 'colour correcting' and is used to more closely address issues such as facial redness or sallowness.
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The difference between the two is subtle

CC cream is just as light as BB cream but offers more coverage, and is great at reducing the appearance of skin blemishes, redness, and big pores. It also contains more anti-aging ingredients such as collagen, and antioxidants to help combat aging.

Uses of CC cream include:

  • Good but light coverage for the skin
  • Brightening colour correction
  • High-quality priming
  • Moisturising


Dry Skin: both BB and CC creams work well as moisturisers, however, you should make sure to use a daily night cream as well to lock in moisture and replenish dry skin, such as the NIVEA Cellular Regenerating Night Cream

Oily skin: BB creams and CC creams will both help to reduce excess oils on the skin as they are light and will not clog your pores

Combination skin: both BB and CC creams are perfect for combination skin as they both work really well as a moisturiser while offering coverage, if your skin needs extra help with redness we would recommend using the CC cream to combat this, and if you're not, then BB cream will be the best option for you

Acne-prone skin: BB creams would be the best option for you as they're light and are not intended to cover up blemishes or uneven skin tone, therefore won't clog your pores. However, if you do have a break-out it may be beneficial to switch to a CC cream when you feel you need that little extra coverage

Sensitive skin: BB and CC creams would both work well for sensitive skin due to their light formulas as neither of them contain harsh chemicals, however, if you know that you are especially sensitive to a certain ingredient we advice that you check the ingredients as different BB and CC creams vary in ingredients
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BB Cream & NIVEA

NIVEA 24H Tinted Day Cream

The NIVEA 24H Tinted Day Cream provides protection from the sun with an SPF 15 formula while providing you with a natural, radiant complexion. The formula also contains Vitamin E and mineral pigments to intensively moisturise for up to 24 hours and balance the skin's own moisture level.