6 Tips To Fix Uneven Skin Tone

Read on for our top tips and advice for fixing an uneven skin tone.

What is uneven skin tone?

First of all, you might be wondering what can even be considered as an uneven skin tone? Essentially, it’s an umbrella term that can refer to several things ranging from texture issues to blotchy skin to hyperpigmentation concerns to facial redness.

Uneven Skin Tone Causes

Unfortunately, an uneven skin tone is often caused by things that are beyond your control. That said, there are certain things you can do to lessen their impact. Hyperpigmentation is the biggest cause of an uneven skin tone and is often caused by sun exposure, so staying out of the sun and applying a high SPF sun cream can help.

How to fix an uneven skin toNE

There are some things you can do to lessen the appearance of hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone

Regular exfoliation

Using a gentle exfoliating scrub on a regular basis is a great way of maintaining a healthy, even skin tone. Exfoliation takes off debris and dead skin cells from your face to reveal glowing skin. Simply massage into your skin and rinse off. Take care not to exfoliate too aggressively, though as this might disturb your skins natural equilibrium and cause further problems. If an uneven skin tone is a concern for places on your body, other than your face, try exfoliating gently with a buffer or exfoliating gloves. Read our how to exfoliate guide for tips

Keep your skin hydrated

Remaining adequately hydrated is crucial for your skin health. Dry skin, which lacks moisture, can appear dull and lifeless and will only emphasise an uneven skin tone. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals during the day.

Exercise and moisturise for Uneven Skin Tone 


If you’re prone to spots and breakouts, you’re probably no stranger to the blemishes they can leave behind. Whilst you might be tempted to give your skin a break, make sure you continue with your moisturising regime. Keeping your skin clean, moisturised and hydrated will only be beneficial. If your skin is dehydrated, it can overcompensate for this and might produce more sebum than it would usually. More sebum means more spots and more spots means more blemishes left in their wake. Try a light moisturising day cream for essential topical hydration or an effective face serum. Don’t forget to moisturise everywhere, including your body and hands, and not just your face.

Be sure to cater the products you use to your skin type, using deeply hydrating products for dry skin and oil-free products for oily skin. To help fight uneven skin caused by ageing, use anti-ageing products such as our innovative Q10 range to help fight issues of age-related dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Exercise regularly

If you are able to stay fit and healthy, by exercising regularly, this will hopefully be reflected in your skin. Plus, there is a combination of other positive benefits you get from exercise which you might not even know you’re getting, which should make you feel great. In fact, if you’ve been worrying or feeling frustrated about your skin, this should really help you to smile and feel beautiful regardless. Enjoying a healthy lifestyle will also help work wonders on fixing uneven skin tones. Make sure to eat clean and healthy foods that support the body, being sure to fill your diet with dark leafy greens and lots of anti-oxidants. Make sure to exercise as well, to help regulate hormones, release endorphins and give the body a good sweat and workout.

Nivea Sun Cream

When it comes to getting rid of uneven skin tones, prevention is always the best option. Make sure that you cover yourself with the appropriate sun protection when exposed to the sun, and avoid the sun at its hottest. You can find out more about sun protection here. Sun care is extremely important to prevent sun damage to your skin. Our Protect & Moisture sun lotion SPF50+ contains highly effective UVA/UVB filters, and offers lasting and intensive moisturisation. Whether it’s visibly sunny or overcast, wearing a sun lotion all year round is generally recommended, as your skin is still susceptible to UVA or UVB damage which may contribute to an uneven skin tone.


At the very least, makeup is a good, temporary solution for an uneven skin tone. Tinted moisturizers, foundations and concealers can help with blemishes, discoloration and unevenness. Tinted moistuisers come in skin toned tints as well as green tints, which are better for dealing with minor redness. Tinted moisturizers are slightly lighter products than foundation, but still offer some coverage of marks or unevenness. Just remember to remove your makeup at the end of the day!

Try to use cooling face masks to help further soothe uneven skin on the face and reduce blemishes. You can find some great recipe for DIY homemade face masks that will help fix uneven skin tone on the face here.