Choosing The Best Moisturiser For All Your Needs

You probably know that beautiful skin takes a lot of looking after. But do you know what is the best moisturiser for your skin type? What cream type is best for you? Find out here!

The perfect moisturising product for my Skin Type

Normal Skin

Find the right moisturising product for soft and radiantly beautiful skin

Using the right cream to obtain beautiful skin

  • Moisturising daily is an important and enjoyable beauty ritual – but do you know your personal cream type? Enjoy beautiful, radiant skin with the right care for your skin type and your beauty habits.
  • Do you like to look after yourself and is body lotion simply part of your routine? Then you are the typical person for one of the numerous NIVEA Body Lotions with a light consistency. 
  • Do you prefer pampering your skin with creams in decorative jars? Treat yourself to NIVEA Soft and bestow your skin with lots of moisture. 
  • Prefer delicate care that works intensively but is not greasy? Then NIVEA Care is precisely the right choice for you. And you can also use it on your face. 
  • Do you feel that just one lotion is not enough and that your skin is still dry? Then use a body oil. 
  • Want your skin to feel extra soft? Then before applying a soufflé or a body lotion, use a body scrub – it will make your skin smooth and help it radiate its natural beauty.
  • The in-shower innovation from NIVEA: too little time in the mornings and yet you want to care for your skin properly? NIVEA’s creamy in-shower lotion is just the thing for you. It will moisturise your skin even while you’re still in the shower. Simply apply and rinse off. It is not necessary to moisturise after showering – see for yourself.

Moisturising cream by NIVEA – light lotions for normal skin

Want a gentle moisturiser that absorbs quickly into your trouble-free skin? Then choose the popular NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion. Its gentle texture ensures that the body lotion is applied evenly. You can use the lotion for your entire body, as it absorbs very quickly. 

This light cream is enriched with sea minerals and is the ideal choice for normal skin. Try it out and see the effects of NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion for normal skin for yourself! Or test out the new NIVEA Care with its innovative formula that provides rich levels of moisture that absorb quickly. It moisturises intensively but does not leave an oily residue on the skin.

Moisturised well in no time – find out all about in-shower products

To ensure that the skin is well supplied with moisture, more and more women are turning to NIVEA In-Shower. Shower and moisturise in one step and save time with your beauty routine.

The ideal care for you–which moisturiser
is best for my skin type?

It is important to know which care products are right for you to ensure you have soft, radiant skin. NIVEA has the right products.
Dry Skin

Do you have very dry skin? Discover NIVEA’s moisturising creams!

NIVEA Repair & Care Body Cream provides very dry skin with moisture for 48 hours. Its formula with dexpanthenol also helps to rebuild the skin’s natural protective barrier.

NIVEA Smooth Sensation Soufflé – Those who prefer a rich moisturiser cannot go wrong with this product

Moisturising daily is particularly important if your whole body has dry skin. Many women are concerned that they cannot dress immediately after moisturising. Some moisturising products leave behind a sticky film and moisturising can also take a lot of time. You do not have to be troubled by this any longer, because NIVEA Smooth Sensation Soufflé is the solution for you. 

The soufflé has the consistency of a mousse, it absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. Its formula of shea butter and hydra IQ supplies the skin with intensive, long-lasting moisture.

Moisturises intensively, without being greasy.

Want irresistibly soft feeling skin? The wow factor of the new NIVEA Care is based on an innovative formula: as soon as the cream is applied it absorbs surprisingly quickly. NIVEA Care pampers your skin with intensive hydration. The revolutionary formula with light hydro wax blends into the skin directly after applying, providing high levels of moisture to the face and body. The unique texture absorbs quickly and is not greasy. 

After moisturising, your skin feels wonderfully soft and smooth. A pleasant feeling that lasts all day. For skin with a long-lasting smooth feeling: NIVEA Care.

  • Moisturising formula with light hydro waxes
  • Absorbs quickly without greasiness
  • Makes the skin noticeably smoother
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

The cream innovation for face and body

Our best moisturiser all-rounders

The popular classic in the blue tin and hydrating body milks.

This is the right moisturiser for “fans of NIVEA milk”

With their soft, moisturising texture, NIVEA Body Milks are ideal for normal to dry skin. They are hydrating and leave a pleasantly soft-feeling skin – find out for yourself!

The classic – NIVEA Creme in the blue tin

Our NIVEA Creme is the unsurpassed skin care for every skin type. Whenever your skin needs particularly mild and rich hydration - this cream is always to hand. It is free of preservatives and suitable even for sensitive skin types. It is also easy to apply and absorbs quickly in spite of its thicker consistency. Treat yourself and your skin to our classic in the blue tin.