Weightless Moisture


NIVEA's Body Mousse is a product for those that desire luxury, an instantly absorbing, long-lasting intensive moisturiser. The incredibly creamy, light mousse will leave you feeling rejuvinated, smelling great and without a sticky skin feel. You'll immediately notice smoother, refreshed skin.

Immediately smoother skin refreshed with NIVEA Body Mousse

Our assortment of body mousse are perfect for hydrating and caring for the skin. Our NIVEA Smooth Body Mousse Lotion combines, for the first time, Shea Butter and NIVEA deep moisture serum. It penetrates the upper layers of the skin to hydrate it deeply and gives you noticeably smoother and softer skin for up to 48H. 

Body Lotion Mousse for a deep moisturising treatment

NIVEA Wild Raspberry & White Tea Mousse Body Lotion works deep in the upper layers of the skin and absorbs quickly. It is a nourishing product that leaves a delicious sensation and comes in several scents.

The NIVEA Fresh Cucumber & Matcha Tea Nourishing Body Mousse Lotion provides intensive moisture while being easy to apply and fast-absorbing with a splash of cucumber & matcha tea fragrance.