Bath Products

There is nothing better than unwinding in a warm bath filled with rich aromas. Transport yourself from your bath at home to the spa with the NIVEA bath product range.

Experience A Tranquil Bathing Experience with NIVEA

After a long day your body needs to unwind, so why not relax your muscles in a warm bath? The light invigorating scents carried in our products will revitalise your mind, body and soul.

Our skin goes through a lot, from being wind-whipped to being dehydrated by central heating to exposure to pollution in the air. That's why our bathing products are loaded with all the pro-vitamins and oils you need to be gentle and kind to your skin, leaving you feeling silky smooth. Sometimes there's nothing better than relaxing in bed with a face mask, with NIVEA face masks they help relieve skin of impurities and relax you.

Want to take your bathing experience to the next level? Find out how  to create homemade face masks.

Find out the best bath care for your needs.