NIVEA dry confidence deodorant makes sure you smell great, feel fresh and have dry underarms. In both roll-on and spray form and tested in real-life activities for 48 hour protection, NIVEA's dry deodorant leaves you with a comfortable, long-lasting dry feeling that cares for your skin so you can tackle the day.
NIVEA Dry Confidence with 48 hour protection

Whatever your preference NIVEA dry deodorant can cater for it, with roll-on, spray and stick anti-perspirant you're ready to tackle the day feeling dry, fresh and smelling great for up to 48 hours. Formulated with a dual active formula with 2 anti-perspirant actives, it's our strongest protection against sweat and body odour to ensure a long-lasting dry feeling in real-life situations.

Cares for Your Skin

Some deodorants and anti-perspiriants can be harsh to your skin but NIVEA dry deodorant's contain 0% ethyl alcohol for a kinder to skin deodorant. NIVEA Dry Confidence deodorant has been tested and the skin tolerance is dermitologically approved so you can enjoy your day free from irritation with our Dry Confidence Spray, Roll-On and Stick.