Moisturiser for Oily and Combination Skin

Finding the best moisturiser can be hard, especially if you struggle with combination or oily skin. NIVEA's oil free moisturiser reduces the skin's oil levels for hydrated skin and a matte, shine-free complexion.
Moisturiser for oily and combination skin

Finding the right face care when you have oily skin or combination skin can be difficult, trying to keep skin healthy and hydrated without a shiny complexion is the bane of many people. Oil-free moisturiser is your best friend, using oil-free moisturiser helps banish the shiny forehead and face that so people try to avoid.

Don't stop moisturising

There's a false belief that avoiding moisturisers helps with oily skin, in actual fact not moisturising can lead to skin overproducing sebum and a more oily complexion especially as the days goes on! Make sure to use a moisturiser such as NIVEA Oil-Free Moisturising Day Cream to keep skin hydrated and combination skin at bay.