Shop Sustainable Choices

At NIVEA, we strive to provide our customers with the best products they can find. For many, that comes in the form of skincare that is more sustainable. Using more sustainable products puts a greater focus on caring for the environment, as well as your skin. Take a look at NIVEA sustainable products from our wide range today.

Shop sustainable choices on the NIVEA online shop. We're committed to reducing the amount of plastics, increasing recyclable packaging, using vegan formulas and sourcing natural sustainable ingredients.


What is sustainability?

Being sustainable is all about being kind and considerate to the world around us. Using sustainable products means they’re created with the planet and the people who live on it in mind. Sustainable products are produced with a long-term vision, to keep the planet healthy, whilst providing the best products for our consumers.

The benefits of using sustainable products

Reduces waste. Using recycled packaging ensures that less goes to waste, protecting the environment in the long-term. 

Less pollution. The production of sustainable products uses less CO2, which helps to protect the environment and fight against global warming.

Long-term vision. Sustainability helps to support the planet in providing for us at a healthy rate for years to come.

Our Sustainable Products 

If you’re looking for sustainable products, you’ve come to the right place. Discover and enjoy some of our more natural products and organic products that are produced sustainably.

NIVEA MagicBAR Face Cleansing: Our NIVEA MagicBAR Face Cleansing range is made from 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging to ensure it’s sustainable. The range offers an entirely vegan formula that gently cleanses your skin.

Our NIVEA Naturally Good Body Lotion range is made from a squeezable and recyclable design to help you get out every last drop. The bottles are also made of 50% less plastic to help protect the environment, whilst offering your skin effective hydration for 48h.

NIVEA Naturally Good Micellar: Natural products are a great way to gently cleanse your skin. Our NIVEA Naturally Good Micellar range is made from 98% natural origin ingredients to carefully and effectively remove makeup. The bottles are made from 97% recycled plastic to help the planet as well as your skin.

NIVEA Biodegradable Face Wipes: Our NIVEA Biodegradable Sensitive Cleansing Wipes offer a thorough but gentle solution to cleansing your face. With packaging made from 45% recycled material, they also care for the environment. To ensure they are sustainable products, the range is made from a biodegradable plant-based tissue and vegan formula. 

NIVEA Naturally Good Shower Gels: Our NIVEA Naturally Good Shower Gel range offers the perfect choice of organic products. Made from 98% natural origin ingredients, the range provides a long-lasting clean feeling. To ensure sustainability, the bottles are made from 97% recycled PET plastic.