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A body shaving gel for a clean and protected body shave

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Item number: 81722 (817220450010) Product range: Protect & Care

NIVEA® MEN BODY SHAVING ANTI-IRRITATION SHAVING GEL enables an easy glide for shaving body hair. The first body shaving gel in the UK specifically designed for men to help protect the skin as you shave with a smooth glide and easy application. The transparent gel allows you to easily see hairs whilst you are shaving ensuring nothing is missed. The thick formula sticks to your skin in the shower allowing you to get the desired look with less wastage. NIVEA® MEN BODY SHAVING ANTI-IRRITATION SHAVING GEL:

Pro Vitamin B5


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Overall 4,3 of 5
54 Customer reviews
Effect 5 of 5
Moisture 5 of 5
SkinFeel 5 of 5
Fragrance 5 of 5

Ace Product!
A modest amount of gel goes a long way, and covers the whole leg, one at a time. Unlike conventional shaving foam, you don’t have to act as quickly to shave your legs before the foam ‘evaporates’. Like the shaving stick, the shaving gel leaves a film-like covering on your legs: resulting in more hair being removed in a single pass - and without simultaneously clogging-up the blade with conventional shaving foam. Also, unlike conventional shaving foam, the Nivea shaving gel’s residue remains on your leg until you completely rinse it off. This means that you don’t have to continuously reapply gel (as you do with shaving foam) in order to make subsequent passes at removing errant hair. No razor burn encountered. No shaver rash. Result 10/10.
Effect 5 of 5
Moisture 5 of 5
Skin Feel 5 of 5
Fragrance 5 of 5
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Excellent stuff
(Review Panel Member)
Shaving gel isn't something I tend to use but I figured I'd take the opportunity and see if it's worth a go. I used it both on wet and dry skin and found it really easy to apply, it smells beaut, and it really does give a closer shave. The razor simply glides over one's bits. My only criticism is that I found it washes off a bit too easily, both when applied wet or dry, even just the water dripping down after rinsing the razor a few times was enough to warrant reapplication. Not a massive issue but given its one of the selling points of the gel I thought it was worth mentioning. Despite that though, it's actually converted me to the world of shaving gels and I'll certainly be using again. Recommended.
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A quality product
(Review Panel Member)
I was really looking forward to trying this as I often shave my chest and so a product specifically made for body shaving is ideal. I found the product easy to use and packaging appealing as well as the scent. It glided on well and left me with no irritation afterwards. I'd definitely recommend. A good product from Nivea and I would likely use the same product for my facial hair
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Shave Heaven
(Review Panel Member)
I think Nivea have got this one right. I shave my full body and usually end up a little cut and sore afterwards. This gel seems to have worked on the redness and certainly the irritation. It doesn’t clog the razor like other gels! For a face/beard shave it is ideal because you can see clearly through the gel layer allowing a precision shave and again no irritation for me! The product smell is amazing. Would highly reccomend this product if your regular product is leaving you sore and red! The packaging - well for me it suits the shower shelves which a lot of other men’s products don’t! Easy to handle one you are gelled up.
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Not convinced
(Review Panel Member)
I’ve never been a huge fan of shaving gel, preferring foam or shaving butter and a brush. Unfortunately, this has not swayed my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it does the job and smells nice, but I always find that with a gel, I tend to end up with more cuts and nicks than if I use a foam. Overall, it’s ok, I wouldn’t not recommend it if I was asked, but I would always suggest a foam over a gel
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