Sweat Protection

Ultimate Protect Anti-perspirant Deodorant Roll on

antiperspirant care


For extra protection in any situation

  • Normal skin
  • All skin types
  • Antiperspirant Care
  • No Ethyl Alcohol
Size: 50 ML
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Item number: 82260 (822600450528) Product range: Ultimate Protect

NIVEA Ultimate Protect Anti-Perspirant Deodorant provides extra protection from sweat and body odour in any situation. The unique formula protects with Zinc Complex fights perspiration and odour.

Directions: Roll on evenly and allow to dry before getting dressed. Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.


Ultimate Protect Anti-perspirant Deodorant Roll on

Apply roll on evenly.
Allow product to dry before getting dressed.

customer reviews

Overall 4,7 of 5
6 Customer reviews

Holy grail deodorant, finally
I discovered this a few weeks ago just out of curiosity and I'm so glad I did, I've finally found a deodorant that actually delivers, and I've tried dozens. I'm left feeling completely dry all day and that never happens. I've bought 5 as back ups as I'm afraid they might discontinue it, I will cry!! Please don't.
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Not just for women!!
This stuff is the best deodorant I’ve used, even my husband rates it too now and uses it every day. The cream stick version is also great for women and very moisturising. 5 stars
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Sadly Nivea seemed to have stopped doing the stress protect for men, it's like gold dust! So thought I'd give the female version a go (I am female) it's actually just as good and the smell is amazing! Hopefully this will stay around longer than the men's version!
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This products works!
I love this deodorant! It keeps me dry and smelling nice throughout the day, even on nice warm summer days and through gym classes too!
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Long lasting, Great price, Does the job
This roller on deodorant has a soapy smell and leaves me with a strong antiperspirant lasting all day really. Thing is very gentle and also I feel comfortable applying this to my skin without feeling itchy. For the price you get a massive amount of product and it's lasted me around 6 months using it most days early in the morning. Definitely recommended!
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