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Find Your Skincare Routine

Find out more about your skin and your personalised skin profile with NIVEA's online skincare analysis helper.

What does the NIVEA skincare analysis online tool do?

Reveals What Skin Type You Have

How can you give your skin the best care and keep it healthy and happy if you don't know what skin type you have? Most products are tailored towards specific skin types, and if you're not buying the right products for your skin you won't be doing it justice. That's where we come in, the skincare analysis online tool asks you a quick series of questions about your skin and from that we can tell you exactly what your skin type is, where your problem areas are, and provide you with a solution to give it the best care you can. You don't have to spend time and money trying out different products in order to find the perfect one, because we'll do it for you!

Whether your skin is extremely dry, or you think it produces too much oil, we can help find you the best skincare routine for your skin type, and we'll also make recommendations on how you should care for your skin. The skincare analysis online only takes a few minutes!

Gives You The Best Skin Care Routine & It's Personalised!

It's common for a good skin care routine to take a backseat when people think about self-care, but it's actually one of the most important parts of looking after your body. Why, you ask?

  • Your skin is the largest barrier against infection and environmental stressors, so by keeping your skin healthy you keep the rest of your body healthy more easily. If you have very dry skin and you're not hydrating it properly your skin may become cracked and sore, which will leave your skin barrier open to infection and germs. Your skin is your primary defence and shouldn't be overlooked, by using a proper skin care routine every day you can help to preserve this vitally important protective layer.
  • Some skin requires more care than others - you might have a friend who claims to do nothing with their skin and still manages to look perfect each day. Well, sorry but this isn't the case for 90% of people, and skin care isn't just for the here and now. Not only does it help to maintain pH balance of the skin which helps to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, but sticking to a good skin care routine throughout adulthood will stand you in good stead when you're older! One of the most common reasons for skin ageing is the lack of a good skin care routine when you're younger. As you age, skin becomes drier, and less collagen, Q10, oxygen, and vitamins are produced. These are all vital for skin elasticity, firmness, health and hydration, and without replenishing these stores as you age, you'll likely develop more wrinkles and fine lines!
  • A skin care routine can actually save you money, believe it or not! Taking care of your skin health on a regular basis can help you to avoid skin problems later on, such as acne scars, wrinkles, dark spots, and more, so prevention is key. If you're taking care of your skin it will thank you!
  • When you look good, you feel good - we all know what it's like to wake up and not like what we see in the mirror. With a good skin care routine your skin will appear more radiant and healthy and you can start each and every day feeling, and looking fresh! So why wait? Take our skin analysis online today.

We'll Provide You With Lifestyle Advice You Didn't Even Know You Needed To Maintain Healthy Skin

Lifestyle and skin health are linked. For example, when you're stressed you might notice more breakouts, or your skin might have a more uneven skin complexion than usual. Yep, more often than that it's due to your lifestyle! Even factors like where you live can play a role in your skins appearance and health, so with our help we can help counteract any lifestyle habits that might be causing your skin problems, and we'll also recommend some easy lifestyle changes you can make. 

Take smoking for example, we all know it's bad for our bodies, but it also has an effect on your skin. These include premature ageing, and dry skin. Discover more about how your lifestyle is playing a role in your skin health today with our skincare analysis online, and make the most of your skin.