How To Get Rid Of Beard Dandruff

Our guide on how to get rid of beard dandruff for a healthy and good looking beard.

How to get rid of beard dandruff

A well-groomed beard looks and feels amazing. However, it takes a few steps to keep it good-looking and especially healthy - a lot of men have an itchy beard or even get beard dandruff which is definitely not the look they’re going for. Follow our guide on how to get rid of beard dandruff to enjoy a healthy stubble.

What Causes Beard Dandruff?

There are two reasons that may cause a flaky beard: dry skin and fungal infections. Flaky skin under beard generally occurs when you wash your face with harsh cleansers that remove natural skin oils on your skin and dry it out.

Fungal infections are caused by yeast that lives on the skin and gets stranded in your beard hair. Untreated flaky skin under beard can cause irritation, scaling and redness.


  • Exfoliating - use a beard brush to exfoliate the skin underneath your beard before cleansing or showering. The brush will bring the dandruff in beard out to the surface and this will make it easier to get rid of flakes in the shower. You should avoid exfoliating daily as your skin may get even more irritated - once or twice a week is more than enough. 
  • Cleansing - it’s very important to cleanse your face and beard by using products that won’t dry your skin out. The hair on your beard is different from the hair on your scalp so regular shampoos may be too harsh for your facial skin. Instead, use a quality beard-specific shampoo or cleanser which will effectively cleanse your beard and nourish the skin underneath it. 

    Choose NIVEA MEN Deep Face & Beard Wash Face Cleanser for a thorough cleanse to clear all impurities away from your beard and to protect your skin from drying out. Gently massage the cleanser into your beard and make sure it reaches the skin underneath and rinse it out. Steer clear of using very hot water to avoid irritation.

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  • Moisturising - use beard-specific products such as oils or balms to rehydrate and protect your skin after cleansing. Choose the skincare ingredients that are beneficial to your skin type, e.g. if you have acne-prone skin, you may want to choose an oil that doesn’t clog your pores - argan oil or jojoba oil could be a great choice.

    Apply your moisturiser right after cleansing: rub a few drops of oil between your hands and massage it into the skin under your beard, and feel free to add more product to make sure you’re covering your whole beard.

    NIVEA MEN Sensitive Daily Skin & Stubble Lotion is a great product to soothe and moisturise your beard.

How to prevent beard dandruff from coming back?

Once you’ve gotten rid of beard dandruff, it’s important to continue your daily washing and moisturising routine and to monitor your skin. If it feels dry or itchy, add a few more drops of moisturiser. Also, your skincare routine in winter should include a richer moisturiser as skin tends to get drier during the colder months.

If there’s no change, see a dermatologist

If you’ve tried all of the above tips and still have visible dandruff in beard, it could be useful to speak to a professional. You may have an abnormal skin condition that is causing the dandruff and you may need a prescription medicine to treat the problem.