many shaving his beard in the mirror

4 Steps For How To Shave Your Face

Beard? Or not to beard? That is the question. Beards may be the fashion statement of the decade, but it’s not for everyone. Learn how to shave your face with our tips and tricks.

How to shave your face: The Basics

Beard? Or not to beard? That is the question. Beards may be the fashion statement of the decade, but it’s not for everyone. You may want to shape and trim your beard, and if you can rock it - flaunt it! But if not, we’ve got all the tips to maintain your mush and get the clean-shave.

Shaving your face can be quite difficult to get the hang of at first. But once you’ve tackled the basics, you’ll have quite the craftsmanship.

Take your time when reading our easy guide, so you can steer well clear of ingrown hairs and irritation - and come out the other end looking dashing.

man washing his face to prepare it for shaving

Preparing your face for shaving

The first step to any kind of shave is preparing your skin - so your face is ready for the hair to just sweep off smoothly. 

  1. Firstly, you need to hydrate your skin. Go to the sink and wash your face with water, so you can get rid of all unwanted oils.
  2. Make sure the water is warm, as the warm water relaxes the skin, opens the pores and softens the hair to make shaving easier and not painful. It also makes it less prone to ingrown hairs or razor bumps.
  3. A little scrub with exfoliator will also help get rid of dead skin cells on the face to make the shave extra smooth.

man applying a shaving gel

Applying a shaving gel

The next step is to apply shaving gel or cream. Because absolutely no-one wants to experience a tough shave that’s going to leave you with those painful red bumps on your skin afterwards. Make sure you choose a cream that caters to your skin type. If you have very dry or sensitive skin, it’s best to use the shaving cream that’s for “sensitive skin”. 

Browse through the Nivea range of shaving gels and creams.

For a clean shave, spread it all over your face so it covers every inch of hair. 


man touching his close shave while looking in the mirror

How to do a clean-shave

Once your shaving cream is on, you’re ready for the main job. Use a clean, sharp razor to make sure you get the perfect shave. 

  1. Your first step is to shave in the direction that your hair grows - as you might notice that your hair can grow in every direction. This is an important step to prevent those painful red shaving bumps.
  2. Use gentle strokes and let your razor do the work for you. Another cause of shaving rashes is going in too hard with the razor. 
  3. Always rinse your razor after every swipe, in order to get rid of the hair caught in the blades.
  4. When you need to go over the same area again, make sure to reapply the shaving gel. Although, try not to shave over the same area too many times - again to reduce the risk of irritation and getting a shaving rash.

For more of your shaving questions, don’t worry - we’ve got all the answers here.

man looking after his skin post-shave

Shaving aftercare

Once you’ve completed the all-important shave, wait right there! It’s not over yet. You need to look after your skin post-shave, by giving it a quick pamper. 

We have a range of aftershave products, perfectly designed for your skin type. Aftershave is not only important to reduce the risk of shaving rashes, but it also helps moisturise the skin and avoid the hair making an uncomfortable return.

Try the NIVEA Sensitive Post Shave Balm to provide instant relief from 5 signs of irritation - you can always apply the cream for a few days after for that extra bit of care. 

Shaving other areas?

We’ve got you covered. Follow our top advice for shaving, wherever you want the razor to go! 

Whether you’re wanting to brave the bald head, shave the all-important intimate area, or show off your chest and shave the hair, we’ve got all the tips and tricks for you.