Men's Moisturiser

Discover the best men's moisturiser for you from our range of men's moisturiser. You'll have hydrated and cared for skin without having lots of residue left on your face, and all of our men's moisturisers are pleasantly scented to smell great.

What Is Men's Moisturiser & Why Do You Need It?

The skin on your face is exposed more than most other parts of your body, which means it's more susceptible to environmental changes, and damage. Using a men’s moisturiser daily, helps to reduce several skin problems, as well as helping to stimulate blood circulation to the face as you massage it in, which helps with skin regeneration.


Key Benefits of Using A Men's Moisturiser:

 1. Helps to avoid dry skin

Often if you're showering in warm water, your skin can become dry which can sometimes lead to it feeling sore and uncared for. By using a men’s moisturiser each day after the shower, you can lock in moisture which helps to prevent dry skin.

2. Helps to fight irritation & itchiness 

After shaving or when your beard begins to grow back, skin can be left feeling angry, sore and irritated, so using a men’s moisturiser specially designed to care for sensitive skin, like the NIVEA MEN Sensitive Moisturiser, helps to hydrate and calm your skin to relieve this.

3. Helps restore the protective skin barrier after shaving 

When you shave your skin is exfoliated by the razor at the same time. This means that dead skin cells are swept away to make way for new, healthier skin cells. Once you've done this, skin is left more exposed so by replenishing your skin with a men's moisturiser, you can restore this protective layer to prevent skin damage throughout the day. Try the NIVEA MEN Sensitive Daily Skin & Stubble Lotion if you often find your skin is often left irritated after shaving.

4. Skin feels smoother & healthier

When your skin is not hydrated it will feel less smooth and appear less healthy, so by using a men’s moisturiser your skin can look its best each day.

5. Moisturiser helps to smooth out fine lines from ageing 

Not only does men's moisturiser hydrate dry skin, it also smooths out fine lines on your skin, helping to reduce skin ageing signs as when skin is drier these lines appear more pronounced.


Men's Skin Requires Men's Moisturiser

Although men's skin and women's skin don't look that different, there are several differences between the two, which means skin care products should be tailored to each type. The testosterone hormone found in men means that men's skin is thicker than women's skin by about 25%, and after puberty men's skin becomes oilier too. Not only this but due to facial hair, men's skin is often tougher than women’s skin. 

That's why our NIVEA experts have worked hard to create a range of men’s moisturiser that will cater to all your needs and give you the care your skin needs. The NIVEA MEN Sensitive range is designed soothe and hydrate skin throughout the day to reduce irritation. 


Finding the Best Men’s Moisturiser for You

The NIVEA MEN Sensitive men’s moisturiser range contains several caring and soothing products including the NIVEA MEN Intensive Moisturising Cream-Gel. It's a fast-absorbing, non-greasy men’s moisturiser that provides 48hr moisture and all-day relief from 5 signs of skin irritation:

1. Burning
2. Redness
3. Dryness
4. Tightness
5. Itchiness

This effective men’s moisturiser is enriched with Chamomile, which contains compounds that help to fight skin inflammation, and Vitamin E, which is packed full of antioxidants, making it a powerful ingredient in men’s moisturiser.


When Is the Best Time of Day to Use Your Men’s Moisturiser?

Applying your men’s moisturiser straight after you’ve showered or shaved is the best way to lock in as much moisture as you can as often hot water will dry your skin out. If you find your skin type is drier, you should also moisturise before going to bed as the cold air at night also dehydrates skin.