Chamomile For Skin

Chamomile has plenty of skin benefits, it's not just there to help you sleep. Read on with NIVEA.

What Is Chamomile?

Chamomile are actually daisy like plants and is probably more commonly known in tea form when steeped in hot water. Chamomile tea itself has a number of properties that can benefit your body. Chamomile tea is known to help promote relaxation and more restful sleep, it also boasts compounds suggested to fight inflammation.

Chamomile Skin care

What Are The Benefits of Chamomile On Skin?

  1. Fight Signs of Ageing - Chamomile flowers have been found to be packed full of antioxidants which are known to fight the oxidizing effects of the environment that can make you look older and give a headstart in preventing signs of ageing with a proactive approach to skin care. Demonstrating that Chamomile is good for skin and not just as a tea!
  2. Anti-inflammation - Chamomile has been noted to have minor healing, anti-inflammation and even anti-fungal properties. This can be really beneficial for those who suffer from sensitive skin or spots and want a product that doesn't irritate skin or add a layer of residue that could block up pores.
  3. Promotes Glowing Skin - One of the Chamomile skin benefits promotes a healthy glow of skin and it deeply moisturises and soothes inflamed skin
  4. Better Absorption - Chamomile in skin care is important, not only does it contain ingredients that help promote healthier, moisturised skin but compounds found within Chamomile are known to make it easier for the skin to absorb and increase the efficacy of other skincare ingredients.
  5. Great For Post Exfoliation: The minor healing properties should make Chamomile skincare great for your face, especially after exfoliating"

Chamomile Skin Care Products - Naturally Good

NIVEA Naturally Good promotes ingredients that are 99% natural such as organic chamomile, NIVEA Naturally Good Sensitive Day Cream contains organic Chamomile designed specifically for sensitive skin.

  • 100% pleasant formula with Organic Chamomile
  • Soothes skin irritation and visibly reduces redness
  • Moisturises the skin for 24 Hours
  • Instant relief from tightness

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Chamomile Tea

We've spoken about why Chamomile is brilliant for skin and how topical application helps. But there are other benefits to Chamomile, Chamomile tea can be beneficial and whether you've been drinking it for years or have never thought about the miracle flower it's never too late to start.

Benefits of Drinking Chamomile TEA

Some of the benefits of drinking Chamomile Tea

- The most obvious one and the one most people will know is stress and relaxation. Chamomile tea helps people get to sleep and stay in restful sleep once they get there, it's also widely known to help reduce anxiety
- Much like Chamomile in skin care the tea is contains chemical compounds that may reduce inflammation
- Some research suggests Chamomile tea can help with cold symptoms
- There's early evidence to suggest that Chamomile tea helps keep your heart healthy, reducing stress and anxiety is one mechanism but research suggests it positively affects cholesterol
- Chamomile tea may also help lower blood sugar levels

Remember to see your doctor though if you feel like you need help in any of these areas first!