Secrets For Taut & Firm Skin For A Happier, Healthier You

Discover how you can help keep your youthful appearance with NIVEA Q10 care products.

More Q10 Equals Taut Skin for You

Every cell in your body contains Q10, a vitamin-like coenzyme responsible for the breakdown of cells in our body; giving your skin cells that important energy. As we age, our body produces less Q10. Without this substance, your skin is unable to produce collagen which allows your skin to stay firm and maintain its elasticity.

How do you Develop a Deficiency of Q10?

Your body produces the vitamin-like substance Q10 all on its own. Q10 is vital to providing energy you the cells of your heart, liver and skin. With a lack of Q10, your skin is unable to produce collagen. Collagen is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of your skin.

When you’re stressed, ill or physically exhausted, your body will naturally use more nutrients to repair itself. This is also the case when you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. With all your body’s Q10 being used up to protect itself, you have a greater need for Q10. This can have a serious impact on your skin. As your body is distributing the Q10 to where it is needed the most, your skin will start to lose its taut appearance.

As you age, your body will naturally produce less Q10, meaning we should supply our body with Q10 in other ways. Our NIVEA’s Q10 skincare range is important for healthy, taut skin.

Our Formula: The Perfect products for Face Firming

NIVEA’s Q10 taut-skin formula is been enriched with a wonderful combination of ingredients, all designed to provide your body with the energy it needs for visibly taut and healthy looking skin. This list includes the likes of Q10, creatine and L-carnitine. These ingredients have been lovingly chosen to encourage an ever better impact at cellular level on the surface of the skin. 

The skin needs L-carnitine to produce metabolic energy and creatine works like a battery, storing and emitting energy to your cells. Therefore, your cells are treated and might increase levels of energy, which could influence regeneration and repair. 

When combined with the right care, you’ll be on track to softer and tauter skin feeling! Why not try NIVEA Q10Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream? Try it for yourself and see the results first hand.

The Ultimate Tips for Taut Skin

For the maximum impact, your skincare products should be used in collaboration with an active and healthy lifestyle. Your skin will age depending on how healthy you live your life. Treat your body with care and it will reward you in return.

Why not try these 4 tips for firm and taut skin?

  • Plenty of exercise
    It will help tauten your skin. Exercise improves your circulation and helps to tighten your skin.

  • Drinking plenty of water
    Keeps your skin cells hydrated to help your skin stay healthy and toned.

  • Adopting a healthier diet
    Provide your body with more minerals and vitamins that are important for your skin’s health. The great news is that you can boost your body’s Q10 through your diet. Foods such as beef, chicken, fruit and vegetables are rich in the important vitamin-like substance.

  • Sleep
    As we age, life throws new stresses and responsibilities our way all the time. As much as you can though, it is essential you allow yourself to get enough sleep. When we sleep, our body starts a regeneration programme. Getting 7-8 hours a night will allow your skin to rejuvenate overnight, encouraging healthier and taut skin.