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Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea has been described as a superstar ingredient that has a number of benefits for the skin. Read on to discover what these green tea skin benefits are, and how you can incorporate green tea into your skincare to achieve glowing and healthy-looking skin more easily.

Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea has a plethora of benefits, and can be used in a number of different ways. Green tea can be consumed in things like tea, applied directly to the skin, or as part of skincare products to combine all of its skincare benefits with other ingredients. 
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Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea is a type of tea made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Green tea was originally taken as medicine and comes from the same species of plant as it's popular cousin, black tea. The difference between green tea and black tea is that green tea is not fermented before steaming and drying, whereas black tea is.

Benefits Of Green Tea As An Antioxidant

Green tea contains both polyphenols and catechin (otherwise known as EGCC). EGCC are found in the highest amounts in green tea and have been shown to contain powerful natural antioxidants that help prevent and treat infections and skin problems.

Not only does green tea contain powerful antioxidants, making them jam-packed with green tea skin benefits due to this component alone, but benefits of green tea also include anti-inflammatory effects, which is beneficial for treating and preventing conditions such as ageing, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. The benefits of green tea are endless!

Green tea has been shown to be the most effective agent against skin inflammation and cancerous changes in the skin, which means green tea is good for your skin.


Benefits of green tea:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Anticarcinogenic
  • Antimicrobial

Green Tea For Skin

7 benefits of green tea for skin

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7 benefits of green tea for skin

Minimises acne

Green tea as a skincare ingredient is excellent at unclogging pores and cleansing skin thoroughly as it contains antibacterial properties which help to fight against infection, leaving you with smoothed, clean skin. Give the NIVEA Naturally Good Cleansing Tonic a try to help remove impurities and cleanse the skin at the end of a long day. The product contains 98% natural origin ingredients and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.

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7 benefits of green tea for skin

Brightens skin

Green tea is such a good antioxidant that it not only helps to keep skin clear and protected, but it also leaves your skin looking brighter and smooth.

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7 benefits of green tea for skin

Reduces dark circles and puffy eyes

Green tea for face includes the reduction of dark circles and puffy eyes thanks to the presence of caffeine, which helps to shrink inflamed blood vessels around the eyes.

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7 benefits of green tea for skin

Reduces irritation & redness

Green tea anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce irritation and redness when applied topically to the skin.

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7 benefits of green tea for skin

Fights premature ageing

Green tea helps skin to rejuvenate and repair skin cells as well as helping to maintain collagen levels in the skin which improves skin firmness and helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

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7 benefits of green tea for skin

Skin regeneration & repair

Green tea skin benefits include cell turnover and regeneration thanks to the presence of Vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is also very moisturising and helps to strengthen the skin's natural skin barrier.

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7 benefits of green tea for skin

Fights skin cancers

Due to green tea containing strong antioxidants, it promotes DNA repair which helps to prevent some skin cancers that may develop from sun overexposure.

Green tea & Oily Skin

Due to the green tea being made up of EGCC, it is very effective at reducing the production of sebum in the skin, which helps to reduce the development of acne. This is because when skin overproduces sebum, this can then clog pores resulting in acne breakouts.

It's so easy!

Make your own green tea face mask at home

Mix 3-4 tablespoons of rice flour with one pot of green tea. Let it cool and apply to your face, simple!

Green Tea & NIVEA

If you'd prefer to cleanse your face with an easy ready-made product, take a look at NIVEA's product containing Green Tea.
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NIVEA Naturally Good Cleansing Tonic

NIVEA Naturally Good Cleansing Tonic is also a 100% pleasant formula with effective Green Tea. It's excellent at removing makeup, dirt and daily impurities while leaving skin soft and refreshed. This product is made with 98% of Natural Origin ingredients.

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Green Tea for skin


NIVEA MIcellAIR Professional Micellar Water is an expert make-up remover for both the face and eyes. The formula of micellar water and dry oil effectively lifts dirt and even the most stubborn of waterproof makeup from your face and eyes whilst hydrating your skin. The result is skin that feels soft, clean and nourished without any leftover oily residue.

NIVEA MicellAIR Professional Micellar Water is further enriched with Green Tea to ensure makeup is removed without irritation and to give skin a boost of antioxidants, promoting an even and glowing skin complexion.