Cold Shower Benefits

Cold Shower Benefits

Many people shiver at the idea of a cold shower, however, there are cold shower benefits which are worth diving into! Discover why a cold shower should become part of your shower routine.

Cold Shower vs Hot Shower

So cold or hot shower? There is no surprise that the majority of people enjoy a hot shower to relax their muscles and wash their worries away. However, there are many benefits of cold showers, which don’t immediately come to mind when you are turning your shower nozzle to red. 


Cold Shower Benefits

There are 6 benefits of cold showers, which are a combination of physical and mental advantages: 

1. Calms inflammation and pain 
2. Relaxes itchy skin
3. Improves circulation
4. Relieves muscle pain
5. Wakes you up 
6. Glowing hair and skin

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1. Calm Inflammation and Pain

Cold showers are notorious for helping with inflammation and pain. The cold water constricts blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the area, which goes on to reduce swelling and pain levels. Cold showers can slow down the brain's transmission of pain signals, because your senses are focusing on how cold the water is, while your body recovers.

2. Relax Itchy Skin

Another answer to ‘are cold showers good for you’ is that they soothe itchy skin, reducing the temptation to scratch. So if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, try to temporarily relieve the itchiness with a cold shower.

3. Improved Circulation

Poor circulation affects blood flow leading to high blood pressure, muscle cramping, headaches and worse of all heart issues. Experts recommend cold showers for circulation as it constricts circulation to the surface of your body but also encourages your heart to pump more blood around your body supplying oxygen and healthy circulation. 

4. Relieves Muscle Pain 

A commonality for athletes is to have an ice bath to repair their muscles post workout. This is called cold water immersion therapy and is something we can bring into our lives through a cold shower. Known for relaxing and regenerating your muscles, the cold water helps with muscle soreness and tiredness. 

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5. Wakes You Up

An obvious but important cold shower benefit is the fact they wake you up! If you are feeling lethargic then immersing yourself in cold water will do the trick! The shock of the cold water increases your alertness and oxygen levels so you are ready to start the day.

6. Glowing Hair and Skin

When asking yourself if you should have a cold or hot shower it is good to know about the implications a hot shower can have on your hair and skin. When washing your hair, the hot water strips your hair of natural oils and dries your scalp and skin. Whereas the benefits of cold showers include closing your cuticles and pores, strengthening your hair, in turn reducing fall out. Cold showers also help lock in the moisture in your hair, giving it a healthy shine and cold water helps your skin constrict blood vessels resulting in tighter skin, reduced redness and hydrated skin. The cold shower benefits continue as we also know that cold showers encourage blood circulation leaving you with radiant, glowing skin.  

Add Cold Water To Your Shower Routine


Step 1: Brush Your Hair

Before jumping in the shower it is important you take the time to brush your hair to prevent breakages and shedding in the shower. Not to mention reducing clogging up your plug hole and the horrible job that follows when the water stops draining! Start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up.


Step 2: Lukewarm water (to begin with)

It is imperative that you don’t have your shower too hot as this can cause dry skin and strip your hair of natural oils; counteracting the hair brushing.

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Step 3: Body Wash

wash your body with one of the NIVEA body cleansing products. Whether you prefer a caring shower cream such as the Raspberry Fresh Blends Refreshing Shower Cream, a Soft Soap Bar or a Naturally Good Shower Gel we have a wide selection to choose from.


Step 4: Exfoliating

Exfoliate your skin under the warm water when your pores are open allowing more dirt to come out.


Step 5: Shampoo

Making sure your hair is wet all over, lather your shampoo in your hand and then start massaging your hair, starting at the roots, for 30-60 seconds. Make sure no strands of hair are forgotten!


Step 6: Rinse

Rinse your hair until it feels squeaky clean


Step 7: Conditioner

Ring your hair of all the water so your hair follicles are able to absorb the conditioner. Next apply your conditioner to your lengths and ends but not your scalp as this can cause your hair to look greasy. Make sure you leave your conditioner in for the time it says on the packaging so you reap all the benefits of the product.

Step 8: Wash Your Face

While you wait for your conditioner to work its magic, use a moisturising face wash such as the NIVEA Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash to cleanse your face of any dirt and impurities.

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Step 9: Wash conditioner and face with cold water

To make sure your hair and skin hold on to the moisture, wash your face and hair with cold water. Cold water closes your pores and tightens your skin. Alongside this the cold water will give your hair a luxurious shine while closing the cuticles.

You don’t have to choose between the hot or cold completely, you can enjoy a hot shower and then for a couple of minutes before you get out, turn the temperature down and soak yourself in the cold water. This allows you to reap the benefits, which will stay with you when leaving the shower.

NIVEA Shower Products

Explore NIVEA’s Fresh Blends shower gels, protecting your skin and the environment with 99% natural ingredients. Designed for a gentle cleanse, choose from a variety of fruity scents. All products have a biodegradable formula alongside packaging made from 97% recyclable plastic. Taking care of your skin and the planet.

So in the war of cold shower vs hot shower, we now know that such war doesn’t exist! Both can be enjoyed with cold water being the wake up alarm you didn’t know you needed. Watch as the 6 benefits of cold water positively impact your health.

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