5 Ingredients To Help With Sensitive Skin Cleansing

Skin care can be a nightmare with sensitive skin, explore how NIVEA face wipes help cleanse sensitive skin.


  • Micellar: Micellar Water helps cleanse all skin types without irritation. You might be asking what is micellar water? Micellar Water is made up with suspended micelles that attract oil, dirt and water and safely lift makeup, dirt and sebum from your skin to cleanse whilst caring for skin.
  • Aloe Vera: You'll probably be aware of the alleged healing and caring properties of this plant already but Aloe Vera for Face is also a great way to utilising this ingredient. Making it perfect to include in the best face wipes for sensitive skin, NIVEA Biodegradable Face Wipes contain Aloe Vera, which helps moisturise and care for skin that gets easily irritated, suitable even for sensitive skin.
  • Argan Oil: Argan oil is purported to help control oily skin, reduce breakouts and help sensitive skin
  • Vitamin E: We know vitamins and minerals are good for us, but Vitamin E specifically can benefit skin (both applied topically or eaten, Broccoli is a good source of Vitamin E). Vitamin E for skin can help strengthen the protective barrier, reinforcing sensitive skin, acting as an anti-oxident and moisturise dry skin.
  • Free from perfume, alcohol: Having ingredients that don't irritate or inflame sensitive skin is just as important as having ingredients that help and heal skin. Avoiding overly harsh ingredients like alcohol and some perfumes can do wonders to caring for sensitive skin, try NIVEA Daily Essentials Sensitive Cleansing Face Wipes without perfume and alcohol specifically designed as the best cleanser for sensitive skin and removes even waterproof makeup.

NIVEA Biodegradable Wipes

NIVEA Biodegradable Wipes are suitable for all skin types, containing organic Aloe Vera and organic Argan oil. This makes it great for cleansing sensitive skin, the face wipes are made of 100% renewable plant fibres which means they're sensitive to the planet as well as your skin.
face wipes for sensitive skin


Sometimes, when you're living a busy life and you're up early or back at home late cleansing your face can be a pain. We know we need to do it, not washing your face can lead to a build up of dirt, pollutants and sebum that can cause spots and other skin conditions.

This is where face wipes come in, NIVEA Face Wipes can help easily cleanse your skin from makeup, dirt and sebum without irritating skin, perfect for people with sensitive skin and need to be on the go in a hurry.

Taking care of sensitive skin

Sensitive skin care is more than just picking the right face wipes (though it helps!) here are 5 things to watch out for when you suffer from sensitive skin:

  1. Weather - It's impossible to avoid the weather, but it is possible to wrap up. When it's extremely cold and the wind is harsh it can exacerbate sensitive skin. Making sure to moisturise and cover up sensitive areas of your face if you can
  2. Sun damage - Protecting our skin from the sun is crucial to managing sensitive skin. Making sure you use a high SPF and apply frequently especially to areas like the face can help manage your skin.
  3. Lack of moisture - The air both outside and in our homes can strip our skin of valuable moisture. People with sensitive skin tend to retain less moisture and so moisturising throughout the day is beneficial
  4. Over cleansing - Cleaning sensitive areas repeatedly in a short time period can strip the skin of moisture and reduce it's protective barrier. Don't over cleanse or over exfoliate!
  5.  Medicine - Certain medicines can impact how your skin behaves, make sure to check with your doctor