How To Cleanse Your Face

Cleansing twice a day can seem like a chore, your skin will thank you for it. Discover great ways to cleanse your face.

Cleansing: An essential skin care step

Why cleansing is a vital part of any skin care routine and how to organise your morning and evening cleansing rituals.
Woman washing face with cleansing pad

The importance of cleansing

A good facial cleanser will remove your makeup and get rid of any build-up of dirt and oils on the skin to leave it feeling clean, fresh and ready for your other skin care products. Skipping cleansing may leave your skin open to breakouts and oiliness.

5 reasons to cleanse your face every day

  • It unclogs the pores to help prevent breakouts.
  • It removes dead skin cells to leave the complexion looking fresh and healthy.
  • After a hot day or if you’ve been working out, it will wash away any traces of sweat.
  • A gentle, moisturising cleanser helps to calm skin tightness.
  • It preps the skin ready for moisturiser and helps it to absorb more effectively.

Morning cleansing vs. evening cleansing

The morning cleanse

Although there may be a build-up of oils on your skin in the morning, it’s generally safe to say that your face should be cleaner when you wake up than in the evening and thus won’t need such a thorough cleanse. However, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to skip it altogether. By using a mild and gentle facial cleanser like NIVEA Daily Essentials Cleansing Lotion with its naturally caring ingredients, you can rest assured that your skin’s natural balance will be supported and it won’t be left feeling tight or uncomfortable.

The evening cleanse

For most people, their main cleanse of the day takes place in the evening. During the day, the facial skin comes into contact with a variety of different environmental factors such as pollutants. Along with makeup, this can cause a build-up on the skin. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse in the evening using an effective cleanser like NIVEA Refreshing Facial Wash Gel, which cleanses intensively and refreshes to remove any impurities.

Cleansing tips: Cleanse your face the right way

The best ways to wash away oil and impurities for skin that feels fresh and clean.
Washing hands under faucet

Can I cleanse my face by just using soap?

Unfortunately, traditional soap is usually too harsh for the delicate skin on your face. It can strip it of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and tight. Instead, stick to mild facial cleansers to rid the skin of any impurities, but keep it hydrated at the same time.

Cleansing tips you won’t want to miss

  • Ensure your hands are clean before using them to cleanse your face.
  • Always wash your face with warm water – too hot and it may dry out your skin.
  • Be very gentle when cleansing around the eyes, as the skin in this area is very thin.
  • Always cleanse after exercising to rid the skin of any sweat and oils.
  • Use a clean towel to pat the skin dry after cleansing.
Smiling woman during her morning routine

Cleansing for dry skin: Treat your skin to a nourishing cleansing milk

It’s important to ensure your cleanser doesn’t strip away the skin’s natural moisture. NIVEA Creme Care Facial Cleansing Lotion has been designed to care for the skin and protect its natural moisture balance, preventing skin from drying out and leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

Kind cleansing on-the-go

Cleansing is an essential skin care step, but lack of time can sometimes get the better of you. NIVEA Micellar Wipes provide a solution to this.


Not only do they gently cleanse and remove any traces of makeup, they also provide refreshing moisturising care to leave skin feeling fresh and hydrated. The micellar water they are impregnated with is fantastic for removing any impurities that may have come into contact with your skin during the day. What’s more, no rinsing is required so you can cleanse in just a few simple swipes – the perfect solution to a busy lifestyle!