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Tricks and tips on how to get glowy skin

Discover tips on how to get glowy skin naturally


Healthy skin equals beautiful skin. An important component of healthy skin is natural glow, therefore the “glowy skin” trend is increasing fast in popularity.


When we talk about glowy skin, we mean skin that has a healthy, smooth, fresh, well rested and radiant appearance, like after a good night's sleep.


Obtaining a glowy skin effect requires giving the skin enough care to regain or preserve its natural radiance, from hydration to targeting skin concerns.


There are of course cosmetic solutions that help to conceal or highlight your skin, to obtain a unified complexion that catches the light and emphasises the curved parts of the face.

But it also requires a healthy lifestyle, as the real secret of healthy skin glow lies from within.

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1.Cleanse and double cleanse
The key to naturally radiant skin is to cleanse it as during the day, sebum, sweat, make-up and environmental pollution are building up on your skin.

If you don't thoroughly cleanse these every evening, you may find yourself with clogged pores and an increased chance of blemishes forming on your skin. 

For better results wash your face in the morning and evening by gently massaging the face cleanser into your face in circular motions, avoiding the sensitive eye area.

2. Exfoliate
The fastest way to brighten your face and get rid of dull-looking skin is to exfoliate.

Exfoliating once or twice a week will remove the outer layer of dead skin, promote skin cell turnover and collagen production and stimulate blood circulation in your face. As a result, your skin will become glowy, radiant and soft.

Try the new NIVEA Derma Skin Clear Chemical Exfoliator, it comes with a highly concentrated formulation of 8% Salicylic & Glycolic Acid and Niacinamide that stimulates the removal of old, damaged skin cells, clears the pores out, visibly reduces blemishes and prevents their reappearance.

The fastest way to brighten your face and get rid of dull-looking skin is to exfoliate.

3. Tone and moisturise
Toners are full of good ingredients and vitamins that will give your skin a boost of radiance and hydration.

Use it right after you cleanse to prep your skin and enable creams and serums to penetrate your skin deeper and facilitate the regeneration of your skin’s protective barrier.

4. Protect
Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by using moisturisers with SPF or dedicated facial sunscreens. This is a very important step as sun exposure can cause redness, hyperpigmentation and even discoloration on areas of acne scarring, making it less likely to fade away.

Try NIVEA Luminous Post-Acne Marks serum that will smooth and mattify your skin without leaving a greasy skin feeling. For sun protection try NIVEA Luminous Day Fluid SPF50 which will reveal natural skin glow while protecting and moisturising it.

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Eat your way to glowing skin

Nutrition for glowy skin

 We are what we eat, respectively what we eat has a big impact on our skin appearance.


Introduce in your daily diet foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins such as vitamins E, B2, and C and antioxidants. These can be found in grapes, carrots, watermelon, chickpeas, soybeans, nuts such as walnuts and pecan, and cashews. Incorporate these in your breakfasts, and salads or eat them as snacks and you will see the positive effects on the skin as they will reduce inflammation, nourish and moisturise your skin from within.


If wrinkles are your skin concern, try the new NIVEA Anti-Age & Spot Serum - a fast-absorbing nourishing formula that will fill in the deep wrinkles, leaving your skin smooth and moisturised


Don’t forget drinking plenty of water as good hydration is key to skin cell regeneration. Aim for 2 litres per day of unsweetened drinks such as water or tea, but remember the exact amount needed will depend on your height and weight and personal needs.


Alcohol intake can negatively influence your skin, preventing you from achieving glowing skin.


Alcohol can reduce levels of Vitamin A in your body, an antioxidant which is important for collagen production by protecting against free radicals, to keep your skin firm and smooth. Cutting down on alcohol will help you achieve the desired glowy skin.



As we know by now, glowy skin is closely related to a healthy lifestyle and persistence in your skincare routine. But the good news is, you can get a glow within minutes.

The first step in brightening your face is moisturising your skin, giving it a dewy, refreshed look. Try NIVEA Advanced Spot Treatment Serum, with a light, fast-absorbing formula that moisturises your skin leaving it fresh and smooth.


After your skin is moisturised, you can get a glow effect by mixing a couple of drops of luminizer in your foundation. If you don’t like using foundation, try BB creams, they will provide moisture and sun protection to your skin while giving it a subtle tint.


Next, use concealer to cover any little imperfections such as pimples and possibly dark circles under the eyes.


Use a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, inner eye, cupid’s bow, brow bone and forehead. These are spots that naturally catch the light. For the wet makeup look it’s best to use a liquid highlighter. Keep your other makeup shimmer-free to keep the look fresh and natural. For an extra dewy look use setting spray.

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Beauty sleep and quick face massages will go a long way.


Yes, it’s that easy, dull skin without radiance is often a result of stress and lack of sleep, to prevent it, get a minimum of 8h sleep to help your skin regenerate.


A quick face massage in the morning will help your face to wake up. Gently massage a serum into your skin in circular motions and get the blood flowing, this will brighten and lift your whole complexion.