lady massaging the hard skin on feet

How To Get Rid Of Hard Skin On Feet

See our remedies for removing hard skin on feet and what causes it so you can have soft, beautiful feet all the time.

What causes hard skin on feet?

Addressing the root cause of your hard skin can help you control it in the future (we'll come onto how you can get rid of existing hard skin soon don't worry!) making sure you understand the causes is one way to fight back.

Hard skin on your feet is usually the fault of calluses or corns. When skin is hard, dry and brittle from repeated pressure and friction causes new harder skin cells as a response as dead skin cells form a barrier of hard skin that is often yellowish in colour. Having overly dry feet can contribute to the build up of calluses and corns on feet too, even the type of socks/shoes or an uneven gait can be culprits.

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Steps to get rid of dry skin on feet

There are a few methods to crack down your dry, thick and cracked soles whether it's hard skin causes by corns of your heels are suffering.
lady using a pumice stone in the bath to get rid of dry skin on feet

Steps to get rid of hard skin on feet

Use a pumice stone

A pumice stone is a natural volcanic stone that is abrasive, it can help remove the dead/hard skin and calluses from the soles and sides of your feet. Make sure to soak both the pumice stone and your feet in warm water before hand and use gentle sideways motions on the areas of hard skin. Make sure to remove just the top layer of hard skin, as the skin underneath which helps with the regeneration of new skin cells. 

Once you're done with the pumice stone make sure to moisturise the newly exposed skin on your feet with NIVEA Soft All Purpose Cream.

lady using a foot scrub to get rid of hard skin on feet

Steps to get rid of hard skin on feet

Foot scrubs

Purchasing a foot scrub over the counter at your local pharmacy or skincare shop will usually help alleviate some of the hard skin on feet. Make sure to keep an eye out for ones with little granules as they are a particularly good hard skin remover for feet. Focus on the hard skin on heels or the balls of your feet, using your palm or, better yet, a foot scrub brush work the scrub into your feet to remove dead skin. Finish off with warm water to remove the skin cells and scrub,

There are many variations of foot scrubs, homemade foot scrubs can vary widely from using lemon soaks or oatmeal scrubs.

epsom salts to help dry skin on feet

Steps to get rid of hard skin on feet

Epsom Salt

Using Epsom salt and creating a salt soak in the bath can help exfoliate cracked skin, even the tough hard skin on heels. Just add a whole cup of epsom salt to your hot bath and let it dissolve, then soak your skin. Use a pumice stone as a hard skin remover to help it on it's way.

a pair of feet in a foot bath

Steps to get rid of hard skin on feet

Head to the salon

Often salons that offer pedicures also offer treatments to help with hard skin on toes and feet. Treatments such as those using paraffin wax can be offered, the wax is melted (though not hot enough to damage the skin) your feet are dipped into the wax several times and wrapped, dead skin should be removed alongside the wax leaving you with softer skin.

feet that have been moisturised

Steps to get rid of hard skin on feet

Moisturise the feet often

It's imperative that feet are moisturised, dry, hard skin is often caused by dehydration of the feet and keeping them moisturised using a lotion like NIVEA Rich 48 Lotion can help. It's important even after all these treatments you moisturise and hydrate the new soft skin on your feet and if hard, dry skin is an ongoing issue moisturising feet morning and evening is the first step in helping get softer feet.

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