Is creatine good for your skin

Is Creatine Good For Your Skin? 5 Benefits Of Creatine

Creatine is naturally produced by the body & helps to reduce signs of ageing, but as we age this production slows down. Here's why many use it as part of their skin care.

What Is Creatine?

And what does creatine do?
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What Does Creatine Do?

Creatine is a substance found naturally produced by the body and converted in the liver, kidneys, and pancreas where it then travels around the body and helps supply energy to the bodies cells.It's mostly stored in skeletal muscle, but is also found in the brain. Creatine is important for the energy supply and function of the cells including those found in the skin. This is why it's important to replenish that supply of creatine to the skin as we age and it the natural production of creatine declines. This is done by applying it topically to the skin in the form of creams, oils, and lotions in order to help combat signs of ageing, like wrinkles and fine lines.

Is Creatine Good For Your Skin?

The simple answer, yes. In the same way creatine delivers energy to the body, it does the same when applied to the skin. 

  • By applying creatine in a face cream or lotion it helps to boost skin cell turnover and repair which in turn helps to combat signs of ageing and minimise fine lines and wrinkles, helping you to achieve glowing skin due to these new skin cells. 
  • Collagen is an important part of our skin, and especially in terms of ageing, it's what gives our skin that plump and youthful look. Without energy being supplied to skin cells these collagen stores will begin to deplete and skin will begin to lose elasticity and it will sag.
  • Creatine also helps to treat hyper-pigmentation as the increased cell turnover helps to repair these dull patches of skin to uncover new skin cells.
  • Not only does applying creatine enriched products to your skin help with reducing signs of ageing, but creatine also has the ability to increase the water content in cells, so as the decline of intracellular water occurs, this can be supplemented by creatine giving you a more hydrated, moisturised feel and look to your skin.
  • Some studies have also found that creatine can help protect skin DNA from UV damage.

What else does creatine do?

Due to it's energy restorative properties creatine helps with many other things too:

Other Benefits Of Creatine

  1. Helps the muscles produce more energy which helps provide high intensity exercise performance if taken as a supplement.
  2. Helps to add muscle mass as it stimulates several processes required for muscle growth.
  3. Improves exercise performance - this includes endurance, ballistic power, strength, recovery, and even brain performance.
  4. Creatine has even been shown in some studies to help with Parkinson's Disease as it helps to reduce the drop in dopamine levels in the brain leading to symptoms.
  5. Creatine helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness as it provides additional energy to the brain.

NIVEA & Creatine In Skin Care

Many of the anti-ageing skin care products we offer at NIVEA contain the super-ingredient creatine because of the large array of skin benefits it possesses.
creatine in anti aging products

Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Replenishing Serum

The NIVEA Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Replenishing Serum works to give you a more youthful face by smoothing and firming out the appearance of wrinkles by combining the power of creatine with another power ingredient Q10, also naturally produced in the body Q10 is a powerful anti-oxidant and natural ageing defence ingredient in NIVEA skin care.
creatine in anti aging products

Q10 Power Deep Wrinkle + Firming Concentrate

The NIVEA Q10 Power Deep Wrinkle + Firming Concentrate contains the highest concentration of creatine of all the NIVEA Q10 Power range and it visibly reduces the appearance of deeper set wrinkles in combination with powerful Q10 to give you noticeable firmer less wrinkled skin.