Woman enjoys hot, steamy shower which may cause her to suffer from itchy skin after shower

Itchy skin after shower

Discover what causes the skin to feel itchy after you’ve taken a shower, and make those feelings of itchiness go away with our top tips.

Taking a shower first thing in the morning is a great way to freshen up and start the day in the right way.

However, the itchy skin that many of us experience after we leave the shower is a long way from refreshing and rejuvenating. Whilst it is often mild, lasting only a few minutes, itchy skin after a shower can be more prolonged and can even prove debilitating.

Let’s take a look at what causes these feelings of itchiness and the steps that you can take to make them go away.


Why do I feel itchy after shower?

There are a number of reasons for those pesky itching feelings. Let's get under the skin of what is causing you to feel so itchy.

  • Dry Skin, or xerosis, is often the cause of post-shower itchiness. Whilst this condition affects people of all ages, dry skin is especially common amongst older people. Exposing your skin to hot water for extended periods can strip the natural oils from your skin, and this can irritate the skin, causing dry skin after shower. Itchy feelings are often reported on the feet and legs, due to the fact that those parts of the body are particularly exposed to water in the shower.


  • Soap: if you’ve been experiencing itchy skin after showering for a while now, it may well be the case that the soap that you’re using is contributing to those feelings. Certain soaps can dry out your skin, which can leave a lasting itch once you’ve stopped showering. If there is still soap residue on your skin after you’ve stepped out of the shower, this can also cause itchiness and discomfort.


  • Medical conditions: certain conditions can cause very itchy feelings when you make contact with water. Aquagenic pruritus, for example, activates your nervous system when your skin makes contact with water; this is a rare condition, however. You should seek medical advice from your GP if you think that your itchy skin after shower could be caused by a condition like this.

Rash After Shower

How can I stop my skin from itching after shower?

Here are our top tips on how to beat the itch and go back to feeling refreshed and raring to go after you’ve hit the shower:

  • Essential oils: using essential oils, like jojoba oil, can help soothe and moisturise dry, itchy skin after shower. Treat yourself with our Soft Caring Shower Coconut & Jojoba Oil, which deeply nourishes the skin with an indulgent lather.
  • Take shorter showers: if you’re regularly spending long periods of time in the shower, you may be better off taking shorter, lukewarm showers. This may help prevent the natural oils from being stripped from your skin.
  • Pat dry: rubbing with a towel can strip your skin of the moisture that it needs. We recommend that you pat dry with a towel after you’ve finished showering.
  • Drink enough water: drink at least eight glasses of water every day to ensure that your body is properly hydrated

If you have any further questions regarding bathing and showering, consult our guide.