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NIVEA 100% Skin Identical Q10 Products Explained

Everyone has different skin care needs depending on things such as: age, skin type & lifestyle. Coenzyme Q10 is a fantastic ingredient in skin care products, but which NIVEA Q10 products are right for you?

Q10 Explained

Our NIVEA Q10 ranges feature a variety of products carefully created to cater for all skin care requirements. The three NIVEA Q10 product ranges are:

  • NIVEA Q10 Energy
  • NIVEA Q10 Power
  • NIVEA Q10 Power 60+

Continue reading to learn more about each category and understand which is best to suit your needs.

nivea q10 explained

Recap: What Is coenzyme Q10?

Coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient naturally found in our bodies; as well as in many foods we eat. Q10 is an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage and playing an important role in the repair and regeneration of our skin. As we age, the body's natural levels of Q10 begin to decrease, meaning signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines become more prevalent as skin begins to lose its elasticity and ability to repair. The role that Q10 plays in our body means it is a vital ingredient to keep skin healthy & radiant.
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nivea q10 explained

NIVEA Q10 100% Skin Identical Product Range

Your skin is as unique as you. This is why your skin deserves unique and tailor-made skincare. NIVEA Q10 contains coenzyme Q10 that is 100% identical to the Q10 produced by your skin. It naturally refills your skin's own anti-age defence. Wrinkles and lines are visibly reduced in 4 weeks and skin is nourished with intense moisture.

NIVEA Q10 products are divided into 3 ranges: NIVEA Q10 Energy, NIVEA Q10 Power and NIVEA Q10 Power 60+. Every product in each range contains coenzyme Q10 that is 100% identical to that found in your skin.

Our Q10 ranges have been carefully created with combined specific ingredients for all ages and skin needs:

Continue reading to discover more about each range and the varying benefits of their combined ingredients.

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nivea q10 explained

NIVEA Q10 Energy; 100% Skin Identical Q10 and Vitamin C

The products in our NIVEA Q10 Energy range are formulated to recharge and re-energise your skin. The key ingredients are combination of 100% Skin Identical Q10 and Vitamin C, which provides a refreshing boost for dull and tired skin whilst fighting the first signs of ageing skin. 

NIVEA Q10 Energy Benefits for skin:

  1. Brightens skin and minimises dark spots and hyper pigmentation
    The vitamin C in these products helps to defend against environmental stressors which can cause both dark spots and hyperpigmentation. In addition it also inhibits the enzyme that produces melanin which is key to fighting dark spots. The main causes of dark spots include sun damage, melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (when the skin has undergone a form of trauma).
  2. Supports the skin's natural production of collagen
    NIVEA Q10 Energy products help to aid the production of collagen which makes up nearly 80% of your skin and gives it its structure. Collagen plays a vital role in maintaining the skin's elasticity and strength, however over time the amount of collagen our body naturally produces begins to fade. Amongst other things, collagen production relies on vitamin C, so applying a topical cream containing vitamin C can help to stimulate collagen production as you age.
  3. Reduces skin redness 
    NIVEA Q10 Energy products possess anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe redness on the skin. As we age our skin becomes weaker and more susceptible to breakouts, soreness and redness - giving your skin a recharging boost using NIVEA Q10 Energy will help to keep your complexion looking even and healthy.
  4. Keeps skin hydrated
    This range of products help to improve skin hydration as it prevents water loss from the skin. NIVEA Q10 Energy products help your skin to hold onto more moisture and for longer keeping the skin soothed as well as looking and feeling healthy.
  5. Protection from harmful UV rays
    Q10 Energy defends against skin damage from UV light as it has antioxidant properties and also enhances the skin's own natural defence barrier. Overexposure to UV light can be damaging to our skin and cause it to age prematurely in the form of wrinkles, dark spots or a loss of skin elasticity. Try a NIVEA Q10 Energy day cream containing SPF to provide an added protective barrier against harmful UV radiation.

Introduction to some of our favourite NIVEA Q10 Energy Products

NIVEA Q10 Energy Day Care
Protect your skin during the day from UV rays and environmental stressors whilst simultaneously supercharging your skin for a visibly smoother, fresher look (and feel!). NIVEA Q10 Energy Healthy Glow Day Cream gives your skin a refreshing boost whilst reducing early signs of ageing. This revitalising day cream will decrease signs of fatigue to make you look and feel energised and fresh - with SPF15 to protect against sunlight.

NIVEA Q10 Energy Night Care
Night creams are formulated to nourish your skin overnight as you sleep when your skin is most susceptible to absorbing moisture, supporting the skin's natural renewal process. NIVEA Q10 Energy Recharging Night Cream will treat your skin overnight so you can wake-up looking well rested and energised with a smoother looking complexion.

NIVEA Q10 Energy Eye Care
Eye creams are fantastic for fighting crows feet and bags under the eyes that make you look fatigued. NIVEA Q10 Energy Fresh Look Eye Cream has a light, fast absorbing formula with anti-ageing properties that will visibly smooth your eye contours and reduce the appearance of fine lines around your eyes to keep you looking energised and young.
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nivea q10 energy eye cream

NIVEA Q10 Power; 100% Skin Identical Q10 and Creatine 

Our NIVEA Q10 Power range contains products formulated to address fine lines and wrinkles, giving you noticeably firmer skin in 14 days. Our NIVEA Q10 Power products combine 100% Skin Identical Q10 and Creatine to improve skin's elasticity and firmness.

NIVEA Q10 Power Range Benefits for Skin:

  1. Boosts skin cell turnover and repair to fight signs of aging
    One of the advantages of having more creatine than before in the Q10 Power products is that it supports skin cell turnover to help fight emerging existing signs of aging. Having a high turnover of skin cells and accelerated production of new skin cells will help you achieve a glowing complexion. 
  2. Supports your skin's natural production of collagen
    Delivers energy to the skin to help the production of collagen which keeps skin firm and elastic. This is vital because as you age, the amount of collagen you naturally produce declines. NIVEA Q10 Power products supplement the production of collagen to keep your skin strong and elastic.
  3. Treats hyperpigmentation as increased cell turnover helps to repair these dark patches
    Unfortunately dark spots on the skin are a natural part of getting older, however NIVEA Q10 Power products can help to reduce their visibility. The increased turnover of skin cells stimulated by the creatine in NIVEA Q10 Power products helps to repair dark patches by producing new skin cells.
  4. Increases the water content in cells to keep your skin more hydrated
    NIVEA Q10 Power products are fantastic at enhancing the amount of water your skin cells can hold. This leads to increased water retention to keep your skin nicely moisturised for longer so your skin can look and feel both smooth and healthy.
  5. Protect skin DNA from UV damage
    Some studies have shown that an increased level of creatine can help defend against UV damage. In addition to this, select day creams in the NIVEA Q10 Power range also contain SPF which can provide a further defensive barrier against harmful UV radiation. Overexposure to sunlight and its UV rays can accelerate skin aging, NIVEA Q10 Products are formulated to both protect against and reverse the signs of aging caused by UV rays.
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Introduction to some of our favourite NIVEA Q10 Power products

NIVEA Q10 Power Day Care
Using day cream can help your skin to look and feel moisturised and nourished throughout the day whilst defending it from environmental stressors. NIVEA Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Nourishing Day Cream effectively fights lines and wrinkles, leaving skin visibly firmer. This cream further provides 24h moisture with SPF15 to protect against UV rays which can accelerate signs of ageing.

NIVEA Q10 Power Night Care
The powerful formula in NIVEA's Q10 night cream works effectively overnight when your skin is most receptive to absorbing regenerating nutrients. NIVEA Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Cream is a rejuvenating night cream with a powerful formula that effectively fights fine lines and wrinkles. The creams' deeply regenerating properties aim to further firm the skin and keep it nourished as you sleep.
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NIVEA Q10 Power 60+; 100% Skin Identical Q10 and Argan Oil

Lastly in our NIVEA Q10 range of products is the NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ range. These products are specially formulated for mature, dry, and very dry skin. The combination of 100% Skin Identical Q10 and Argan Oil in these products deeply nourishes and meets the needs of skin over 60 to effectively reduce the visible signs of age.

NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ Benefits for Skin:

  1. The argan oil is a rich source of Vitamin E
    Argan oil has long been known for its beautifying properties and has been used by Moroccan women for centuries to keep their skin healthy and well nourished. Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E which has a huge amount of benefits for skin including: strengthening the skin barrier, powerful antioxidant, hyperpigmentation treatment, resistance to sun overexposure, healing properties, boosts cell turnover and is a great moisturiser.
  2. Protects from UV damage 
    The antioxidant activity in argan oil can help protect the skin from free radical damage caused by the sun. Mature skin has a naturally weaker defense than youthful skin so applying a topical cream that can strengthen the skin's' protective barrier is highly recommended.
  3. Highly moisturising and deeply nourishing
    Mature skin tends to dry out quicker than younger skin, NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ products are formulated for dry to very dry skin and provide deep nourishment for long lasting moisture to keep mature skin feeling refreshed and energised whilst looking smooth and healthy.
  4. Healing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
    The strong combination of vitamin E and antioxidants in NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ products help to soothe irritated skin and support skin cell regeneration and repair. 
  5. Increases skin elasticity
    As we age our skin begins to sag, losing its firmness and elasticity. NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ has the capabilities to increase the elasticity of skin by supporting the skin's' natural renewal process whilst also reducing visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.
  6. Infused with argan oil, products are a further source of: phenols, carotenes and fatty acids
     All of these are healthy ingredients for our skin, Phenols act as highly effective antioxidants that help to prevent damage to skins' DNA from free radicals. Carotenoids are converted by the body into vitamin A which supports healthy skin, eyes and your immune system. Fatty acids assist in the production of the skin's natural oil barrier which can keep the skin looking hydrated, plumper and younger looking.

Introduction to some of our favourite NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ products

NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ Day Care
Naturally as we age, our skin becomes weaker and drier so needs more intensive care. NIVEA Q10 Power Day Cream For 60+ Skin provides intense moisture and deep nourishment for mature skin. Formulated for dry to very dry skin it hydrates the skin for 24h whilst effectively fighting skin ageing to leave the skin feeling tangibly firmer in 2 weeks. We recommend using this cream in conjunction with NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ Multi-Action Pampering Oil to complete the intensely nourishing daily skin care routine for mature skin.

NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ Night Care
Pampering mature skin overnight is a must to reduce the signs of ageing as it is when the skin is most receptive to anti-age care products. NIVEA Q10 Power 60+ Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Night Cream works in perfect harmony with your skin's natural renewal process to effectively reduce the visible signs of ageing after 4 weeks and leave skin feeling firmer after 2. Suitable for dry or very dry skin, it provides intensive overnight nourishment which lasts for 24h.
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nivea q10 power 60+ night cream