Unscented Deodorant

Learn what unscented deodorant is and how it works


Although an unperfumed deodorant does not contain any scent, it can still do a great job at keeping you feeling fresh and protected. Read on to discover the benefits of unscented deodorant and why it might be a great option for you.

What is an unscented deodorant?

Unscented deodorant is a product that prevents body odour without including any fragrance. Some may question how an odourless deodorant covers up odours without having any fragrance in it, but unperfumed deodorant has many benefits.

How does an unscented deodorant work?

Body odour occurs when sweat is met by the bacteria on the skin that begins to break it down. An effective odourless deodorant works to prevent the bacteria from forming in the first place, rather than just masking the odours.

It’s great for sensitive skin

There are no fragrances to irritate your sensitive skin, which also means it can help prevent dryness or itching in the armpit.

You can control how you smell

Some people simply prefer not to smell like citrus fruit or powder.

It won’t conflict with your perfume

An odourless deodorant won’t overpower your fragrance and the scents won’t mix.

You’ll know if your deodorant is actually working

Some deodorants contain strong scents in order to mask odour instead of fighting it. As an odourless deodorant can’t mask BO, you’ll quickly learn whether it’s actually working or not.

Perfume-free vs unscented deodorant: what is the difference?

These two terms sound very similar, however, there is a subtle difference:


Perfume-free - a fragrance-free product does not contain any fragrances or masking aromas to neutralise the smell of the ingredients. Unperfumed deodorant is great for people with skin allergies or other sensitivities.

NIVEA Sensitive & Pure Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-On is a perfume-free deodorant that provides effective protection against sweating and BO while also soothing and caring for sensitive skin.

Unscented - unscented products may contain ingredients that neutralise the odours of the ingredients of the product, but does not emit any scent.

What is deodorant allergy?

If you are suffering from itchiness, dryness or redness on your armpits, this may indicate an allergic reaction to your deodorant or a specific ingredient in it, such as perfume.

If you think you may be experiencing a deodorant allergy, seek advice from your GP or a medical professional, and stop using the deodorant. Try to soothe your skin by taking these steps:



Discover NIVEA Sensitive & Pure Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Stick unscented deodorant - it does not contain any perfume that might irritate the underarm skin and is formulated with nourishing ingredients such as chamomile extract and avocado oil to soothe and care for your skin to avoid any irritation. Our deodorant is suitable for sensitive skin and provides effective 48h protection against sweating and odour.



  1. Hydrate your skin with a gentle moisturiser, especially right before bedtime, as skin naturally replenishes overnight.
  2. If you shave, give it some time before applying deodorant, as your skin is still quite sensitive and can get irritated easily. To give your skin enough time to calm down, it’s best to shave in the evening. Learn more about shaving rash here.
  3. Wear soft, natural fabrics that are gentle to the skin and allow it to breathe and heal. Avoid tight clothing that’s made from synthetic materials.