sun cream for acne

Sun Cream For Acne

Our advice to help you deal with those acne breakouts while protecting your skin from the sun.

What to look out for - sun cream for acne prone skin

When you have acne prone skin the last thing you want to do is add another layer that could potentially clog your pores. But you must always protect your skin from the sun to reduce the likelihood of sun overexposure on your face as this has been shown to lead to skin cancers. 

Sun cream for acne

  • Oil-free sunscreen may help to minimise outbreaks as it's specially designed as sun cream for acne, although this can be an expensive option.
  • Sun creams designed for your face - sunscreens for face are made for the more sensitive skin on your face so tend to be lighter on the skin which in turn will help to prevent further breakouts that might be caused by heavier products.
  • An alternative to using the more expensive oil-free sunscreen, try using sunscreens that don't leave greasy residues on your skin, such as the NIVEA SUN UV Face Shine Control Cream SPF 50. It's carefully formulated to hydrate your skin but absorbs excess oils to leave a mattifying feel to your skin. 
  • Sunscreens to combat the signs of aging are also helpful such as NIVEA SUN UV Face Q10 Anti-Age & Anti-Pigments SPF 50 which is formulated for every day use with delicate skin in mind and also leaves a non-greasy feel to your skin.
  • Use sunscreens with high SPF - although you still have to apply this regularly to keep your skin protected, in general using sunscreens with higher SPF extends the time you can spend in the sun so you can reapply less regularly than lower SPF sunscreens.

sun cream for acne

Sun cream for acne

What effect does the sun have on acne?

sun cream for acne

Sun cream for acne

Although you might think that not wearing sun cream will help prevent acne breakouts it's not the case. In fact, the sun's UV rays can actually increase redness and inflammation of breakouts causing them to become dry and sore. The skin's response to being dried out by the sun is to release more sebum which then leads to clogged pores. If you have acne scars, long-term exposure to the sun can actually cause these to darken too, so it's really important not to shy away from sun cream if you do suffer with acne and try sun cream for acne in mind to make sure you're staying safe in the sun.

Tips from NIVEA

Tips when using sun cream for acne

Before & After

Aside from choosing the right sun cream for your acne-prone skin, there are a number of other things you can do to keep acne breakouts to a minimum when protecting your skin from the sun.

  • Prepare your skin using a toner to remove dirt deep seated in your pores to ensure your skin is clean before you apply sunscreen
  • Wash your face with a gentle face wash to remove sunscreen at the end of the day, such as the NIVEA Refreshing Face Wash Gel to clean out your pores
  • Exfoliate once a week to ensure dead skin cells are removed form the surface of the skin to prevent build up of dirt and oils in the skin

Caring for acne prone skin

  • Increase the number of vitamins and antioxidants you eat with your meals as diet can have a huge impact on your skin health and this could help with your acne breakouts. 
  • Try to keep your stress levels to a minimum - negative emotions have an effect on your physical health and often cause more breakouts so think about doing something that helps you unwind each day.
  • Get plenty of sleep - when you're tired your body functions less efficiently so getting a good nights sleep every day will also help with acne breakouts.
  • Be gentle to your skin - try to avoid harsh products that will irritate and inflame your acne and look for gentle and light formulas instead.