Aluminium-free with NIVEA

NIVEA aluminium-free deodorant provides 48 hour deodorant protection whilst allowing the body to cool down naturally. All of the products in the aluminium-free range provide powerful deodorant protection which is gentle on the underarms. For those looking for multiple long-lasting fresh scents and the best aluminium-free deodorants, look no further and explore the full range here.

Our NIVEA range of aluminium free deodorant are expertly formulated for those with sensitive skin or those who want an aluminium-free deodorant. The aluminium free deodorants provide fresh, new and exciting scents and that same confidence boosting feeling. It's also perfect for those looking for a deodorant that allows the body to cool down naturally whilst providing deodorant protection.

Sweating is natural

Sweating is a natural process that helps the body cool down - NIVEA aluminium free deodorant allows your body to perform its natural functions while leaving you smelling fresh and feeling great for 48 hours of long-lasting protection. Each of our aluminium free deodorants provide heat regulation, and allow sweating to occur as a natural process by allowing skin to breathe, while offering excellent deodorant protection. Try our range of scents for the best aluminium free deodorant including our fresh clean scent, fresh flower scent, and fresh fruity scent.

Soft and Smooth with Underarm Confidence

The experts in the Beiersdorf lab have worked hard to produce aluminium free deodorants that provide you with effective deodorant protection that lasts for 48H, so you can feel confident and fresh when wearing any of the deodorants in the range. Underarms will be left feeling soft, smooth, protected and cared for. For those looking for the best aluminium-free deodorants, you'll have all your armpit care needs satisfied here with our NIVEA aluminium free deodorants range!