Naturally Good Aloe Vera Body Lotion

350 ml


Natural ingredients
48h Hydration
Sustainability (NIVEA)
  • Organic Aloe Vera with 98% natural origin ingredients
  • 50% less plastic vs comparable NIVEA Body Milk standard 350ml bottle with cap
  • Squeezable & Recyclable bottle design that you can roll up until the last drop
  • 48h of moisturise

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NIVEA Naturally Good Aloe Vera Body Lotion – No hidden ingredients The new range of NIVEA Naturally Good body lotions have been inspired by nature. We have used the best natural ingredients to create products that bring out the natural beauty in your skin. The Naturally Good body lotion with Aloe Vera effectively hydrates your skin for up to 48 hours - for healthy-looking and fresh feeling skin. 98% Natural Origin Ingredients*. The vegan formula is made with organic Aloe Vera. No Parabens, Silicones, Chemical Preservatives or Micro-Plastics! A clean formula with nothing to hide! 50% Less plastic and Packaging = Less waste and fewer resources. Squeeze and Roll Up bottle = Get the most out of your body lotion by rolling up the bottle to squeeze out every last drop! *Ingredients sourced from nature retaining greater than 50% of their molecular structure (natural state) after being processed, including water.


Check ingredients if you have sensitivities

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Customer reviews

excellent! (65 Ratings)
63 people would recommend this product
Made skin feel so soft. Smells lovely easy yo apply
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Great product
Great nourishing product that I use after showers. Replenishes my dry skin and the product lasts a while which is great.
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Love it
I have been using this a while and I love it. The Fragrance is so fresh and beautiful and my favourite part of this is that it soaks into the skin with no residue or tacky ness. This is my go to, once out the shower and refresh my skin
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How to


Generously apply the lotion to your body and massage it in

2Let dry

Give the body lotion time to absorb


Enjoy your naturally moisturised skin

Special Ingredients

Organic Aloe Vera