Natural Gifts

At NIVEA, we believe that everyone should be able to buy products that benefit both their skin and the planet. That's why we've created the NIVEA Natural Gift range, so you can give every member of your family a thoughtful, pampering, and natural gift. What's more, the ingredients of each product and the gifting packaging is all plastic-free.

Natural and Organic Gifts

Looking for some organic gift ideas to give your family this year? Well, look no further because here at NIVEA we've created a range of natural and organic gifts, beautifully packaged without the use of plastics. Each of our natural and organic gifts come stylishly packaged with either a wash bag that you can slip into a suitcase for a weekend away, or with a super soft face cleansing cloth, or stylish water cup. Not only will you be able to give your loved one pampering and caring skincare products, you'll also be giving them something they can keep and enjoy long after the products have been used up.


Is More Natural and Organic Skincare Good For Your Skin?

We're dedicated to providing products that contain the best, most sustainably-sourced ingredients, which is why we've worked hard to include effective and caring organic ingredients in our organic gifts.

Aloe Vera in the NIVEA Natural Gift range

Organic Aloe Vera: Taken from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant, this natural ingredient can be used to soothe, moisturise, care for, and replenish skin. It contains natural antibacterial properties too, which help to unclog pores, and antioxidants it possesses can also help to slow down signs of ageing.


NIVEA Natural Gift Range

NIVEA Naturally Soft Giftset: This natural gift contains a trio of wonderful products and a soft face cleansing cloth to use with them. Skin will be left with a refreshing beauty boost and contains products such as the NIVEA Fresh Blends Refreshing Shower with Watermelon, Mint & Coconut Milk. This vegan formula found in this organic gift is made from 90% naturally derived ingredients and is 98% are biodegradable. The bottle is also made from recycled plastic, so you can give your friends and family a pampering natural gift that's caring for the planet too.

NIVEA Natural Body Giftset: Packaged in a modern cosmetic bag and with a super soft face cleansing cloth, this organic beauty gift box is perfect for someone special. Inside this natural gift you'll find a selection of head to toe skincare products - including the NIVEA Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes 25, made with 100% renewable plant fibres which are also readily biodegradable.

NIVEA Naturally Fresh Giftset: This natural gift comes wrapped up in a fashionable water cup, making it the perfect present to give someone special. With this organic gift set, skin will be left feeling cleansed and moisturised each and every day. This natural gift set also contains the NIVEA Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes 25, made with 100% renewable plant fibres and enriched with Organic Aloe Vera to effectively cleanse and hydrate skin.

NIVEA Natural Collection Giftset: Keep skin feeling soft, energised and cared for with this head to toe natural gift. This organic gift contains products that are caring for your skin and the environment, including our NIVEA Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes, and vegan shower milk formula.

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