naturally derived organic skin care ingredients

Naturally Derived Organic Ingredients


natural skin care ingredients

What are naturally derived ingredients?

Naturally derived ingredients, or ingredients of natural origin, are made of materials from nature. They may be derived from plants, i.e., roots, herbs, and flowers, or from minerals or animal by-products. Some of them are quite familiar, such as aloe vera. But others may surprise you, such as benzyl alcohol, a natural preservative produced by several plants.

Since the natural materials are further processed, we speak about naturally “derived” ingredients or ingredients of “natural origin” instead of natural ingredients for skincare products or natural cosmetic ingredients. These ingredients retain more than half of their molecular structure or natural state after processing.

As we transition towards renewable materials and away from a fossil-based economy, we aim to increase the amount of naturally derived skincare ingredients within our product formulations. At the same time, we carefully evaluate their skincare performance, as well as their environmental impact.


There are many reasons why people opt for specific skincare products. Some people may decide to change to more organic skincare products or natural cosmetics for ethical reasons, others want to avoid synthetic ingredients, whereas some believe purely in the power of nature. Whatever the reason and whatever your skin’s needs, we have the right products for you.

Skincare products and their ingredients can be made from raw materials from various sources. Whether the sources are synthetic or natural, you can expect NIVEA to deliver outstanding skincare products that can be used safely, while taking the environment into consideration.

We also believe that everyone should be able to try products from a wide range of sources, so they can find the formulations that suit their skin type and reflect their values and preferences. We pay close attention to the environmental impact of our ingredients, whether it is the CO2 footprint of cultivating raw materials or the downstream impact on soils and marine environments.

NIVEA products with naturally derived ingredients

Discover the NIVEA Naturally Good product range. All products such as the natural origin shower gel or moisturiser contain between 95 percent and 99 percent naturally derived ingredients.

Are organic products better for the environment?

Plant-based ingredients from organic agriculture follow a farming approach that is in balance with natural processes and limits the use of synthetic substances. That is why we use many different organic ingredients in our Naturally Good product range. 


They are carefully created with organic ingredients, such as chamomile, argan oil, aloe vera, avocado oil, cocoa butter, and green tea:

One Skin. One Planet. One Care.

We want to be 100 percent transparent and answer all your questions about sustainability at NIVEA. If you could not find the answers you were looking for on this website, or are looking for more detailed information, please visit the sustainability website of NIVEA’s parent company, Beiersdorf.