How to tone your face with facial exercises

Quick and easy facial fitness for a fresh look

Give your face a workout with these facial exercises for maintaining beautifully firm skin.

How do facial exercises work?

Find out why facial exercises could result in firmer and more radiant skin.

The purpose of facial exercises

Your face contains over 50 different muscles and unlike most of the rest of the body, a lot of these facial muscles are rarely used. By carrying out regular facial exercises, you promote the circulation of blood to the different areas of the face, thus replenishing the oxygen supply in the muscles and the skin. This will result in a bright complexion and beautiful healthy glow.

Performing facial exercises frequently will keeping your facial muscles fit for the long term. Furthermore, regular facial muscles exercises improve the blood flow and, thus, supply your skin cells with nutrients leading to a stimulation of skin cell regeneration and prevention of wrinkles.

How often should you perform facial exercises?


Carrying out your facial exercise routine three to five times a week for around 20 minutes is the quickest way to see results and you should start to see changes to your complexion within just a couple of months.

5 benefits of facial exercises

  • Strengthen the muscles in your face.
  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Increasing blood circulation.
  • Releasing any tension in the face and neck.
  • Firming and tightening facial skin.

Different facial exercises to enhance your complexion

Whether you’re at work, travelling on an aeroplane or relaxing at home, here are some facial exercises for you to try.

What is facial yoga?

Unlike some facial exercises, facial yoga is focused on relaxing and toning the face. In the same way that real yoga works areas of muscle tension, facial yoga is intended to counteract the effects of strained facial expressions to leave both the muscles and skin relaxed and rejuvenated.

An example of a facial yoga exercise is simply rubbing your hands together to warm them up before placing your palms over your closed eyes and leaving them there for at least a couple of minutes while you breathe deeply. This will relieve any tension from the eye area.

Tips for doing facial exercises the right way

  • Performing facial exercises lying down is the most effective.
  • Ensure your hands are clean before touching your face.
  • Try to do your facial fitness routine at the same time every day so you don’t forget.
  • Never pull or tug on the skin aggressively – this may accentuate wrinkles.
  • Combine facial exercises with cardiovascular exercise to give your complexion the best possible boost.

Face yoga is good for you

Yoga is good for your body and soul - did you know it is also good for your face?