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What Is Antibacterial Deodorant?

Discover what antibacterial deodorant is, how it works, and whether you should be using it.

What is antibacterial deodorant and how does it work

Antibacterial deodorant explained

In short, most deodorant is antibacterial deodorant. That means they fight the odour-producing bacteria that exists in your armpit, which in turn helps to reduce body odour. Everyone has these bacteria, so don't worry, it's totally normal. In fact, over 10 million bacteria live in your underarm alone. Soap will help to reduce body odour caused by it, but over time they'll reappear. Using an antibacterial deodorant will help to keep you feeling and smelling fresh for longer.

Antibacterial Deodorant

Why do we need antibacterial deodorant & how does it work?

Body odour. It's something we've all experienced, whether that be on ourselves or on others around us. And what causes body odour you ask? Natural bacteria that grows all over the body, including your armpits. Many people think it's the production of sweat that causes you to smell, but actually it's when the bacteria on your skin mixes with sweat that your body will start to produce an unpleasant odour. When this sweat bacteria is broken down, it is broken down into acids, and this is what gives off a smell. By using an antibacterial deodorant, you can help kill and slow down the number of bacteria growing in your underarm throughout the day. That means fewer sweat bacteria will be broken down into acids, and you'll experience less BO.

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Antibacterial deodorant vs anti-perspirant

What's the difference between antibacterial deodorant and anti-perspirant?

Now that we know how antibacterial deodorant works, let's find out what the difference is between antibacterial deodorant and anti-perspirant

  • Antibacterial deodorant - antibacterial deodorant prevents body odour by reducing the number of bacteria on the skin, but doesn't stop the amount of sweat your body is producing.
  • Anti-perspirant deodorant - this protects against sweat, so this will reduce the amount of sweat you're creating which in turn reduces the amount of sweat that is broken down into acids to produce odour, but it doesn't kill bacteria in the way that antibacterial deodorant does.

If your desired form of deodorant/anti-perspirant does both, try using an antibacterial anti-perspirant to not only kill bacteria, but also reduce the amount of sweat your body produces.

NIVEA Antibacterial Deodorant

NIVEA MEN Silver Protect Anti-Perspirant Roll-On fights and kills up to 99% of bacteria that cause body odour using innovative silver ions to help you feel fresh all day. This antibacterial deodorant also provides you with 48h anti-perspirant protection and even contains 0% ethyl alcohol. If you're looking for a dermatologically proven and reliable anti-perspirant and antibacterial deodorant then look no further.

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