Body firming creams are generally used in an anti-aging and body tightening manner. However, it is not rare for people to integrate body firming creams quite early on in their skincare journey. You might find yourself thinking which products will suit your needs the best, and NIVEA acknowledges the importance in delivering you a well-thought and efficient range of skin firming body creams. NIVEA Q10 body firming products are created by skincare experts, using selected ingredients to help you on your way to toned, smooth skin.

Discover NIVEA's range of Q10 firming products.

NIVEA Q10 firming cream products to help relieve your concerns

NIVEA skin firming body creams are formulated to help you fulfil your desire for firmer skin. The extensive list of Q10 body firming products available features a special ‘energy complex’: coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine and creatine. The enhanced body tightening collection includes firming body lotions, balms,oils and our gradual tan moisturiser, all ready to be effortlessly slotted into your skin care routine.


What you need to be looking for in body firming creams

NIVEA Q10 firming products are composed of three main ingredients, all of which are produced naturally in the human body but decrease gradually with age. Once topped up through body tightening cream, you won’t want to be without!

Coenzyme Q10: Q10 is an antioxidant, also known as Ubiquinone, naturally generated by the human body, with energy production as a main responsibility. Yet, its level drops gradually as you are getting older, but also due to certain health conditions. Profound for effective skin protecting properties, helping the evenness of the skin tone, but also to smooth your skin's texture. A great combination to get a firmer skin.

L-Carnitine: an amino acid with the ability to turn body fat into energy, resulting in a revitalising effect on the skin.The ingredient is also known for being used in prevention of cellulite.

Creatine: is being produced by the body and converted into energy while going through your organs. It contributes to energy supply to the cells of your body and has a very good virtue to help diminish ageing signs.

This super trio forms a winning combination to create a range of products, including our NIVEA Q10 60+ Body Lotion that embraces all of these ingredients, allowing for a wide list of beneficial components.


What are the benefits of body firming balms?

As a natural process of life, your skin loses some of its elasticity as you age, which may be something you would like to prevent or slow down, depending on your own perception. Firming creams can support you with this as it has the properties to increase collagen generation in a healthy way, which accompanies elasticity increase.

Your skin itself is composed of fibroblasts, which have a significant role in increasing the collagen levels. A body tightening cream supports your skin fibroblasts, in turn having a  positive impact on collagen and elastin generation, for firmer skin.


How should I apply a firming body lotion?

You can apply a firming cream on your entire body. You might however have more chances of seeing visible results on your thighs and buttocks area, since these have stronger muscle foundations, which helps with firmness. Your neck and face, on the other hand, are more likely to lose elasticity and collagen, meaning you might spot signs of ageing on these areas first. It is however important to note that despite the healthy components of NIVEA Q10 firming products, it is recommended to read the product information of our products before use to ensure you are using them most effectively.