In 2015 body hair is about as useful as man nipples—get it together evolution—and while we don’t have any handy tips on that topic, we happen to know a thing or two about manscaping.


Manscaping is a word we all hear a lot, but how many of us actually know what it is? If you've ever found yourself asking "What is manscaping" then this article is for you. Manscaping is essentially male grooming. It just means removing hair from your body for cosmetic purposes.

Now that you understand the manscaping meaning, it's important for you to understand the manscaping specifics. When deciding what hair to groom, you should know that it focuses on three essential areas: chest, back & genitals


When it comes to manscaping, surveys show a little chest-hair is actually preferred to none (just a little!), so we suggest between 1 or 2 centimetres for the best results. However, keep in mind that according to the survey, "just enough to run your fingers through" is optimal.

The tool for this particular stage in your manscaping journey should be your trusty trimmers. Once you've cut it down to a consistent density all over, moisturise your freshly shaven chest with NIVEA MEN After Shave Body Lotion to prevent any redness or irritation.


For those who prefer a totally hairless finish, the razor is the only way to go. Lather yourself up then go over with a blade. Make sure to always shave with the grain and those with thicker hair should be careful not to assume the grain is always growing in the same direction all over your chest. For more detailed tips on Manscaping, check out our grooming guide on the best shave. To finish up, you add a layer of moisturising post-shave balm and before you know it, you've manscaped!


If you've made it this far, you're so close to understanding the true meaning of manscaping. But there is yet another test: the back. Unfortunately, surveys show that very few are fans of a hairy back, however, you do have the option of choosing someone who's really got your back to....well, to get your back.

Though there are several articles and wiki-how-to's describing how you can achieve a smooth back without any assistance but the fact remains that you will never be able to do as good a job by yourself. I know, having to bring someone else in to get the job done may feel unsatisfying, but, they'll definitely be able to do a better job then you would alone. Also, it'll bring you and your chosen partner closer together and isn't that the real meaning of manscaping?

Alternatively, you can pay someone to go ahead and shave or wax your back for you.


Now, we can't do a piece on manscaping and not mention your man-parts. That's right, It's time to shave your genitals. This can get risky so it's important you stay calm and in control: You do NOT want any nicks or cuts down there. If done correctly, one can transform a shrouded shabby bushel to a strong majestic bonsai tree. It's all in the technique.

After lathering, get a good grip on any skin that needs to be pulled back to allow for the closest shave possible and rinse regularly to prevent the blades from getting blocked.

We suggest getting a leg up on a stool or side of your bath for those hard to reach areas and a mat on the floor to clean up the aftermath of your manscaping routine. Some recommend shaving in the shower for an easy clean-up and the added bonus of the hot water making your hair softer and easier to deal with.

When you're done, don't forget to reward your newly bald genitalia with a soothing cream to prevent/treat razor burn. It'll take smooth to the next level.