Manscaping: Dare To Bare

‘Manscaping’ is the latest term to be coined for male hair removal. It doesn’t mean stripping yourself of body hair from head to toe. In certain areas it’s a good idea for men to consider taking a razor or trimmer to combat the fuzz, but in others it’s purely a matter of taste.

Your guide to body hair and how to remove it

The back: free yourself of the fuzz

Out of all the places to have body hair, back hair is probably the least desirable. But since the back isn’t the easiest area to reach unless you’re an experienced contortionist, you'll probably need to enlist some help. A friendly flatmate and/or your other half perhaps? But be warned – you’ll be forever in their debt! For that reason, we’d recommend leaving it to the professionals to wax or shave your back hair. Still keen to give manscaping a go, with a helping hand? The NIVEA MEN Body Shaving Range will help ensure the process goaes smoothly with no skin irritation.

The chest: smooth or trimmed

Hair on the chest is definitely a matter of taste. If you want to trim it down, grab your shaver, set it to your desired hair length and thin out the fuzz until it’s an even density. To finish off, apply a special Body After Shave Lotion to stop any redness. If you prefer the preened, hair-free look, wet shave as you would your face. Before getting to work with the blade, always apply a generous amount of a shaving gel like NIVEA MEN Body Shaving Gel or the practical NIVEA MEN Body Shaving Stick. Don’t forget to shave in the direction of hair growth. If your fuzz is quite thick, be aware that not all of hair grows in the same direction. Finish with a moisturising Body After Shave Lotion; that’s all there is to it!

The armpits: it’s your choice

Wet shaving armpit hair with NIVEA MEN Body Shaving Stick or trimming it down can be worthwhile during the summer, or if you're a sportsman. After all, it does minimise unpleasant body odour. There's no need to grab the razor for aesthetic reasons unless you have a strong personal preference. When it comes to armpit hair, manscaping is completely optional!

The legs: an individual case

Competitive swimmers may shave their legs to make them faster in the water, but there’s a simple rule for everyone else: if the hair bothers you, trim or remove it, but if it doesn’t, leave it be. There are lots of suitable ways to get rid of hair on the legs, such as wet shaving, waxing and epilating. See further down the page for tips on these methods.

The genital area: shave completely or trim

Admittedly, the thought of a sharp blade in the crown jewels region doesn't seem particularly pleasant. But practice makes perfect! The best way to remove all of the hair is by wet shaving. Start off in the same way you would with your face by applying shaving gel or using the new NIVEA MEN Body Shaving Stick. Then, pull the skin taut and use short strokes to shave the hairs, ensuring you rinse the blade regularly to keep it clean. Raising a leg can sometimes make it easier. Some men swear by shaving in the shower, as the warm water softens the skin and cleans everything off in a flash. Don’t forget to treat your freshly shaven genital zone with a soothing cream after manscaping – this will help to keep it smooth. We recommend the calming NIVEA MEN Body Shaving After Shave Lotion. If the bald look isn’t for you, you may prefer to trim. All it takes is using a trimmer to tidy up the shape every now and then. You can find more information on intimate shaving here.

Nose and ears: excessive growth must go

Too much nose and ear hair can look scruffy. If it’s visible, it’s time to take action! Use nail scissors to trim any hairs that stick out, but for a more thorough job, it’s worth investing in a special nose and ear hair trimmer.