Anti-ageing Skincare For Healthy And Happy Skin

Read on for a guide through everything you need to know about anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle skincare.

Common Signs of Ageing Skin

The most common signs of ageing skin are:

  • Aged 20+
    Your skin is likely to experience a slight loss in moisture and some minor fine lines of ageing may appear
  • Aged 30+
    Your skin is likely to produce less lipids and the first lines of ageing may appear on your forehead
  • Aged 40+
    Your skin is likely to become much drier and thinner, and you will experience your first wrinkles around your eyes
  • Aged 50+
    At this age, your body will be supplying fewer nutrients like CoQ10 for your skin.  Because of this you’ll experience a paler complexion and less elasticity on your face
  • Aged 60+
    During this period, you’ll experience a loss of density of your skin, and your contours will blur, and pigment spots will start occurring

When Should You Start an Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine?

Unsure of exactly when you should start using anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing skincare products? The simple answer is there is no correct time! It can never be too early to start using moisturising using a cream with SPF included, to exploring different anti-ageing skincare products and it’s certainly never too late to adopt a healthier lifestyle to help prevent the appearance of premature ageing. 

The rate of the appearance of ageing on your face will completely depend on your lifestyle and genetics. While ageing is a natural and beautiful process; which is completely individual to each one of us, none of us want to look older than we are!

Choosing the right care according to your age is very important to ensure your skin gets the right care at the just right time. An effective anti-ageing skincare routine needs to be personalised to your individual needs, and include anything from eye cream, day and night cream, serums, and cleansers. 

Your Short Guide to Safeguard Skin from Premature Ageing


  • In your early twenties, protect your skin from the sun whenever you can with medium to high SPF. Use light skincare products cleanse, and exfoliate as often as you feel the need.
  • In your mid-twenties to mid-thirties, keep your skin hydrated, protected from the sun, and introduce NIVEA’s Q10 skincare range. These Q10 products can give your skin cells the energy they need to revive the appearance of your skin.
  • In your mid-thirties to mid-forties, intense hydration for your skin is important. High SPF sun cream for sun protection is an absolute must. Active use of creams containing coenzyme Q10 such as Q10Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream is advised for an effective anti-ageing skincare routine.
  • Once you hit your mid-forties, you should start using non-drying cleansers such as NIVEA Daily Essentials Caring Micellar Cleansing Water. Sun cream is an essential and you should start including your chest and neck to your anti-ageing skin care routine. Why not try Protect & Moisture Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF30 to keep those harmful UVA / UVB rays at bay!
  • From 55 years, and onwards, try and include all the above but these products should be part of a regular, daily anti-ageing skincare routine. Don’t forget to look after your hands and keep a tube of NIVEA Q10 Anti-Age Care Hand Cream in your handbag!

Anti-Ageing Sun Skincare

UV light from the sun is one of the most common causes of premature skin ageing. And as much as we all love to lie back in the sun to get tan, it is so important to properly protect your skin from the sun. This protection is essential every day, not just on holidays.

The higher the SPF of the sun care cream you use less UV radiation that will reach your skin. Sun protection will also protect your skin from sunburn and destructive free radicals.  Sun-cream should be a fundamental part of your anti-ageing skincare routine.

5 Anti-Ageing Skincare Tips

  • Care for your insides as much as your outsides
    A healthy diet and lifestyle will directly affect how you show signs of ageing. Drinking lots of water every day and cutting back on processed foods are a great start. Be kind to yourself and your skin!
  • Care for your skin regularly
    Feel happier and healthier as you show your skin how much you care! Use of day and night cream regularly, utilise eye creams and moisturise. If you don’t adopt a regular skin care routine, you could start to see (and feel) the effects.
  • Love and care for your skin 
    Don’t wait for your skin to start showing signs of wrinkles and dryness before you adopt an anti-ageing skincare routine. Be kind to your skin and feel beautiful inside and out! 
  • Wear sun-cream or an SPF moisturiser every day 
    It will protect your skin from UV rays which can cause premature ageing and sunburn. 
  • Remove your make up every evening 
    When you wear make-up, your skin is exposed to various chemicals. If you don’t cleanse your face after a long day, you’ll be exposing your face to these chemicals all night long too. These chemicals can break down collagen in your skin.