Eye Cream - Our Guide On The Best Eye Cream For Wrinkles

Nurturing Care To Ensure Radiant Look - Taking care of the skin around your eyes is very important as it can help prevent wrinkles and dark circles from forming under the eye.

Make your eyes beautiful every day

Why does the eye area need extra special attention?

Our eyes have a major influence on how we appear to others. That’s why the sensitive skin around our eyes needs extra intensive care. Compared to other areas of the face, it is very thin and extremely sensitive. There are almost no sebaceous glands or supportive fatty tissue, meaning that the skin here reacts more strongly to external environmental influences: dry air, sunlight, as well as a lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet, can lead to wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. 

We blink up to 10,000 times a day and our facial expressions also leave their mark on our skin. Fine lines or laughter lines can be gently reduced with the right care products. When searching for the best eye cream for you, keep an eye out for an eye cream with a reconstructive and revitalising effect on your skin. However, it'll take more than the right eye cream to achieve radiantly beautiful skin around the eye area – a healthy lifestyle is also key.

Beautiful eyes stand out – so don't forget the sensitive skin underneath them!

The problematic eye area

Dark circles 
After long nights with very little sleep, dark circles will appear under your eyes the next morning. Eye creams will help to promote the circulation and even out the fluid balance. At the same time, the tissue will be strengthened and the microcirculation stimulated. A concealer is great for visibly brightening up the area. Sparingly apply this under the eyes only for a natural look. You can find out more about what to do about dark circles here

Puffy eyes 
Nights spent partying, love sickness or a long day at work in front of the computer screen, can result in heavy and puffy eyes in the mornings. But the swellings usually fade away over the course of the day. Placing cold slices of cucumber on your closed eyelids is especially beneficial. You can find information and tips for puffy eyes here.

Crow’s feet 
Crow’s feet, or laughter lines, are fine lines under the eyes, which are often the first signs of skin ageing. They are caused by animated facial expressions, environmental influences or an unhealthy lifestyle. A rich eye cream such as Q10 Energy Fresh Look Eye Cream with plenty of moisture will help here!

Support your skin’s natural regeneration

To get noticeably healthy skin, you need one thing in particular: plenty of moisture! What’s more, as we get older, the natural regeneration ability of our skin cells reduces. Support your skin with cell-activating ingredients. An eye cream with a UV filter offers additional protection.

Light tinting for radiant eyes

To get a radiant and wide-awake look, a combination of the right care and light tinting will help. NIVEA Cellular Radiance Eye Illuminator with tinted micro-pigments, Lumicinol and magnolia extract will help here. It corrects dark areas under the eyes as well as dark circles, it reduces swelling, smooths out crow’s feet and reduces wrinkles. Thanks to the immediate effect, you’ll get a radiant look right away. The formula is extremely gentle and light and has been developed especially for the sensitive skin around the eyes.
Eye Cream

Coenzyme Q10 – energy for your cells

The coenzyme Q10 is genuinely powerful. It provides the skin with energy, protects our cells from harmful radicals and speeds up important metabolic processes. NIVEA Q10 Energy Fresh Look Eye Cream has a highly effective formula. You can therefore use this eye cream to give your cells the necessary energy to stimulate cell regeneration in a natural way. The Q10 eye cream can also be applied as anti-wrinkle cream to visibly reduce wrinkles under the eyes – in harmony with your skin.

Soya extract to combat wrinkles in the eye area

From our mid-twenties, our skin starts to lose its elasticity. The body produces fewer collagen fibres, which support our skin from the inside out. NIVEA Vital Anti-Age Eye Care eye cream can help here with its natural soya extract. Its anti-wrinkle reduces lines and wrinkles around the eyes, makes the skin visibly firmer and reduces dark rings and swelling. It was developed especially for the needs of mature skin and ensures a radiant and more youthful looking eye area.
Eye care
Apply eye creme

Apply eye cream properly

Eye creams should be dabbed on gently and not rubbed. It’s best to use your fingertips, tapping gently from the inside corner of your eye outwards
Eye massage

Soothing eye massage to prevent wrinkles

The regeneration of the skin cells can be stimulated with a massage. Nurturing massage oils also provide the skin with important nutrients: almond oil and grape seed oil have a high content of vitamin E and other antioxidants. Gently massage a few drops of oil into your skin, making small circular movements with your fingertips.

Tips and exercises for a relaxed eye area

Relaxing Eye

Relaxation for the eyes: two exercises to practise from time to time

In addition to eye cream, treat your eyes to a few minutes of relaxation! With these exercises, you’ll promote the circulation in the skin around your eye area:  


  1. Place your thumbs and your index fingers one above the other and make the shape of a pair of glasses around your eye area. 
  2. Stretch the skin around your eyes up and down with gentle movements. 
  3. Now blink around twenty times against the resistance from your fingers.
  4. Close your eyes and relax. 
  1. Close both eyes.
  2. Press on the deepest point of the inner corner of your eye with your middle finger for around three seconds. 
  3. Circle the eyes twice, patting gently on the surface of the skin with your fingertips.

Your checklist: preventing eye wrinkles

  • On hot days, wear a large pair of sunglasses with a UV filter. These will protect your eyes from sunlight and prevent you from squinting. 
  • Quit smoking! Regularly smoking cigarettes dries out the skin. If the skin gets too little moisture, wrinkles will form more quickly. 
  • Provide the sensitive skin around your eyes with plenty of moisture, using a special eye cream. 
  • Drink enough water so that the skin is supplied with enough fluid from the inside, too! 
  • A healthy diet is essential: various vegetables, seeds, fruits, wild plants, natural oils and nuts are rich in valuable antioxidants, which refine our skin’s appearance and may prevent wrinkles. 
  • Have an early night once in a while. This will allow your skin to regenerate in your sleep.